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Why Lloyds Auctions

Located in the heart of the Gold Coast just a short drive from Brisbane, Lloyds Auctions are perfectly positioned in partnership with local industries and the wider community to offer an extensive array of goods for auction. This canvasses almost any product or item that could be conceivable.

With regular goods & property sales from cars & boats to furniture for your home or garden, computers & electronics, office equipment, renovation & building material, manufacturing & engineering, or mining auctions, Lloyds Auctioneers & Valuers' QLD auction house caters for everyone. This reflects the demand of our customers for both practical items for business and production as well as items for leisure and lifestyle.

Lloyds Auctions support customer demand on several levels:

  • Choice: we auction items from high-end jewellery right through to insulated roofing
  • Visibility: our regular auctions usually allow onsite inspections at our premises
  • Flexibility: easy online auctions as well as on-site facilities. You could spend hours browsing our ever-changing stock!
  • Assurance: with over 150 years of combined experience in auctions, valuations and asset management our highly experienced, skilled and qualified team can offer ultimate customer service and quality assurance

And it’s so easy at Lloyds Auctions... Our bidding process only takes a few seconds - just confirm your simple registration details and you’re ready to place a bid. It's as simple as that! A large portion of our auctions are completely unreserved (meaning they will sell) with bidding starting from only 1 dollar - there is nothing quite like the thrill of an auction!

Have a look at what is up for grabs via our online auction website. Or, visit us today at 69 Manchester Road Carrara QLD.