Lloyds Auctions are a prominent Gold Coast business and are often featured in the media for both their auction and community initiatives.

It's not often that an army tank is guarding your front door, however this 1941 M3 Stuart Tank certainly grabbed people's attention recently at Lloyds Auction house in Carrara.

The military vehicle auction drew sightseers and media alike, to see the featured tank proudly positioned at the entrance to the Lloyds warehouse. Channel 7's Sunrise program crossed live to Lloyds Auctions Chief Operations Officer, Lee Hames to discover more about this rare and exciting auction.

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First of the legendary A9X Toranas tipped to top $275,000 [Source] 23/03/2018

First of the legendary A9X Toranas tipped to top $275,000 [Source] 23/03/2018

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First of the legendary A9X Toranas tipped to top $275,000 [Source] 23/03/2018

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