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Taylah Gray

High End Watches to Break Records

A collection of over 50 high end watches going under the hammer at Lloyds Auctions this Thursday night and is set to break records again as premium watches such as Rolex, Cartier Anglaise, Hublot, and Tag Heuer continue to rise in value with many expected to sell for multiple times their original retail price.

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Taylah Gray

Flood Victims Desperate for Drinking Water

A local Queensland business that went into liquidation late last year, is doing what they can to lend a helping hand to the community, by offering their leftover stock to donate over 17 thousand litres of bottled water to flood victims with the help of Lloyds Auctions and Foodbank.

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Taylah Gray

Electric Vehicle Resale Prices Surge

With fuel prices reaching an all-time high, and supplies of vehicles very tight, there is a surge in demand for second-hand electric vehicles with Auctioneers seeing a huge spike in their resale prices.

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Taylah Gray

Iconic Holdens Break Auction Records

Not one but two classic Holdens broke records over the weekend of extremely rare models, where passionate bidding was evident throughout the entire auction with one of the highest amounts of classic cars selling under the hammer in a single auction.

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Scott Webber

Head Of Valuations

Accredited Senior Appraiser

Licensed Auctioneer

Qualifications & Affiliations

American Society of Appraisers (ASA)


Scott Webber is one of the founding partners at Lloyds and has worked for the company from its inception in 2004. In that time Scott has been a Licensed Auctioneer and Qualified ASA Valuer. Prior to Lloyds, Scott was a Farm Manager at Cubbie Station in Queensland, he has an earthmoving and agricultural background.

Scott is heavily involved in daily valuations. He acts for a wide range of clients and vendors including Insurance companies, Financiers, Insolvency Practitioners, Government branches, Joint Ventures and Alliances, large companies, and private individuals. Scott personally co-signs and oversees every valuation report completed by Lloyds. On average the Lloyds valuations department conducts over 500 appraisals per financial year.

Scott has managed many auctions and private sales, previously completing an approximate average of 400-800 traditional auction lots per week. Given that the Lloyds system is now online, traditional auctions are very minimal and are completed in a simulcast method, to comply with contracts we have with major government departments. Although Scott’s focus is currently Valuations, he still oversees and runs auctions weekly on a wide variety of assets from motor vehicles to very specialised process lines.

Scott offers a wealth of experience as an Auctioneer and Valuer in all aspects of Valuations and Asset Disposals.

Having headed disposal programs for Major Infrastructure Alliances, Joint Venture partnerships and Government projects throughout Australia, Scott has a wide range of experience in the Civil Construction, Earthmoving, Manufacturing and Agricultural sectors offering a “turn key” service from start to finish.

Mobile: 0439 765 669