Rare Grange range is an absolute corker of a collection [Source]
Rare Penfolds Grange collection from 1959 to 2018 auctioned [Source]
Cats legend to auction premiership guernsey for charity [Source]
Your chance for a piece of Cats history [Source]
Gary Ablett Jnr auctioning off prized 2009 premiership guernsey in charity drive [Source]
AFL and Geelong Great Gary Ablett Jnr is auctioning his 2009 Premiership Guernsey for Charity [Source]
Gold Coast’s iconic monorail to be sold at auction [Source]
Millions of dollars' worth of seized jewellery going under the hammer from $1 [Source]
'Unique' unclaimed or lost-in-transit parcels auctioned off for $1 [Source]
A Secondhand Tesla Model 3 is Selling For More Than It Cost Brand New [Source]
Former Lowndes Falcon up for auction [Source]
Holden v Ford in auction showdown [Source]
Military collection worth ‘$10 million’ up for auction [Source]
Special Holdens, classic Ford up for grabs [Source]
Decorated Tickford Fords to go under the hammer [Source]
Classic ‘barn find’ Falcon GT set to fetch a fortune [Source]
Lloyds auctions legendary Aussie muscle car Holden Torana A9X as 50 NFTs [Source]
Bid on rare memorabilia in online auction [Source]
Queensland council sells off hundreds of rare items [Source]
High-octane vehicles from Aussie blockbuster Mad Max Fury Road - including the War Rig, Doof Wagon and classic Interceptor car - to be sold in online virtual auction [Source]
Thirteen cars from Mad Max Fury Road are up for sale [Source]
The Monster Rigs of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Are Going Up for Auction [Source]
Mad Max cars to set ‘world record’ as they go under the hammer [Source]
Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III up for auction [Source]
Classic Ford Falcon sells for record-breaking $1.3 million at auction [Source]
Mint condition Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III sets new auction record [Source]
Sold: The virtual Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III you can’t drive – UPDATE [Source]
Lloyds Auctions to offer NFTs alongside real Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III [Source]
Walkinshaw Andretti puts Mostert’s Holden up for sale [Source]
Supercar Sells for $600K at Auction [Source]
Mostert Supercar fetches $610,000 at auction [Source]
'Barn find' World Rally Championship Subaru could fetch more than $1 million at auction [Source]
World Rally Championship Car Sells for Half Million Dollars [Source]
Ultra rare HSV 'Big Banana' sells for $1 million at auction [Source]
Records Fall as Car Auction Adapts to Covid [Source]
Kerry Packer, Gary Walker and the twin-turbo Jaguar XJ-S - sold! [Source]
Ex-Ingall Silver Bullet to be sold today [Source]
Kerry Packer’s wild Jaguar XJS is up for sale [Source]
Famous Dick Johnson rear wing up for auction [Source]
Seton’s 1997 championship-winning Ford heads to auction [Source]
1990 Holden HSV VN SS Group A Commodore listed for auction [Source]
Classic Holden to go under the hammer [Source]
Can this Group A Holden make history? [Source]
1990 Holden HSV VN SS Group A Commodore listed for auction [Source]
The thrill of an auction [Source]
Historic Gold Coast Images Are Being Auctioned Off - Get in quick [Source]
Could Seton’s 1997 title winner be the next million-dollar Supercar? [Source]
Rose Stenograph Company: One of Australia's most significant historical photo collections go to auction [Source]
Photos of Ned Kelly's armour and Phar Lap's 1930 win up for auction via NFT [Source]
Iconic Holden Torana fetches record $800,000 at auction [Source]
Australia’s Most Significant Photographic Collection Announced UNRESERVED [Source]
Massive historic photo collection to be auctioned – with NFTs! [Source]
First Queen baby photos go to auction unreserved [Source]
Classic 1977 Aussie Torana with less than 500km on the clock to fetch ‘well beyond’ $1m at auction [Source]
Lloyds auctions to accept cryptocurrencies for purchases [Source]
Thousands of images capturing moments of Australian history up for auction [Source]
Rare Holden Torana fetches $775,000 [Source]
Lloyds Auctions Is Now Accepting Crypto And Someone’s Already Bought A Caravan [Source]
Lloyds Auctions Australia Sells a Pricey Caravan for Cryptocurrency [Source]
‘Holy grail’ Holden could set new auction record [Source]
Lloyds auctions to accept cryptocurrencies for purchases [Source]
Super rare Holden Torana breaks auction records [Source]
Rare Holden Torana fetches $775,000 [Source]
1977 Holden Torana A9X sells short of $1 million target but sets record for the model [Source]
1977 Holden Torana A9X hatchback listed for auction with $1 million target price [Source]
Australia’s most significant photographic collection goes under the hammer [Source]
Negatives of Gallipoli landing, Ned Kelly armour to be auctioned as NFTs [Source]
Australia's first winning NASCAR hits the market for the first time [Source]
Second RPO 83 Ford Falcon XA GT goes to auction [Source]
1973 Ford Falcon XA GT RPO 83 heads to auction [Source]
Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen and Lady Flo's estate up for auction [Source]
Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen and Lady Flo's estate up for auction [Source]
Government steps in to ensure Bjelke-Petersen estate stays in Australia [Source]
Collectors opportunity to acquire some Joh and Flo's collectables [Source]
From Sir Joh's car to Lady Flo's recipes [Source]
The new classics: the cars becoming collectors' items [Source] cements partnership with Lloyds Auctions [Source]
Rare six-door Falcon wagon to go under the hammer [Source]
Rarest car in Australia goes to auction for $1[Source]
Infamous Walkinshaw Commodore up for auction [Source]
Rare six-door Falcon wagon to go under the hammer [Source]
Rare six-door Falcon wagon to go under the hammer [Source]
Rare six-door Falcon wagon to go under the hammer [Source]
Australia’s Rarest Car Goes Under the Hammer [Source]
Australia's 'rarest car' set to sell under record-breaking auction [Source]
Australia’s Rarest Car Goes Under the Hammer [Source]
‘Rarest’ Aussie car to go under the hammer [Source]
Australia’s Rarest Car Goes Under the Hammer [Source]
Australia's Rarest Car Up For Auction With Starting Bid Of $1 [Source]
$1 million worth of insurance claim goods up for auction starting at $1[Source]
Astin Martin, Ferraris and Porsches to go under the hammer [Source]
Rare online bus auction targets sports clubs and aussie teams [Source]
Auction house to liquidate manufacturer’s equipment [Source]
Over 160 years of business comes to an end [Source]
Australia's largest classic car dealer is set to shut its doors [Source]
Australia’s largest collection of classic cars goes to auction with all cars starting at $1 [Source]
Our picks from the $70 million Gosford Classic Car Auction [Source]
Gosford Car Collection Auction – our picks [Source]
End of Road for Car Museum [Source]
Iconic Australian manufacturer W.E. Smith liquidates assets [Source]
Washing machines are being sold for $1 in the cheapest online sale ever [Source]
Retailers reveal impact of Townsville floods [Source]
Liquidation auction sells equipment starting at $1[Source]
AMOAQ+ Lloyds Auctions
The games that never get old make revival [Source]
TV Series Equipment Set for Unreserved Auction [Source]
Mining ramp-up ignites bonanza for used equipment [Source]
Footy legend Johnathan Thurston buys the most expensive Mustang EVER as a retirement present - but this pony has a special secret [Source]
Phase IV Falcon Breaks Ford Aussie Muscle Car Record at Auction [Source]
Why the price of Australia's most expensive Ford Falcon just doubled [Source]
Banned Aussie Ford Phase IV GT-HO Falcon to fetch $3M [Source]
Peter Brock’s Bathurst 1000-Winning Commodore Is Now Straya’s Exxiest Car [Source]
Phase IV GT-HO Falcon tipped to sell for $3 million at auction [Source]
$3M Record Predicted for Ford Phase IV Falcon [Source]
Peter Brock's dual Bathurst-winning Commodore is now the country's most expensive Australian-made car [Source]
Brockie’s VH sells for $2.1m [Source]
Super Drought Relief Auction raises $183,497 [Source]
Commodore breaks auction record [Source]
$2.1m tag for Peter Brock's Bathurst car [Source]
Australia's first $2 million car [Source]
Dual Bathurst winning Commodore sells for $2.1 million [Source]
Peter Brock's Bathurst winners sell in record Australian auction [Source]
Brock’s 1982/83 Bathurst winner sells for $2.1 million [Source]
Brock car sells for a record $2.1 million at Kelso auction [Source]
$2.1m tag for Peter Brock's Bathurst car [Source]
Peter Brock's Bathurst Winning Car Sold For Record $2.1 Million [Source]
Brock Collection to be auctioned in Bathurst on eve of Bathurst 1000 [Source]
Peter Brock car collection auction at Bathurst: records set to tumble [Source]
Peter Brock 05 Commodore to fetch $2 million at auction [Source]
Brock Commodore bids hit $1.6m [Source]
Peter Brock's most iconic HDT Commodore could fetch $1.6 million at auction this weekend [Source]
Fancy winning a Holden Supercar? [Source]
WAU to Auction off Pyre Commodore [Source]
1989 Mobil 1 Racing Ford Sierra RS500 Brock Collection Auction
1987 Holden VL Group A “Race Car” Brock Collection Auction [Source]
Super Drought Relief auction launched [Source]
Collection of Peter brock Holdens to tour Australia before dispersing at auction at Bathurst [Source]
Peter Brock Collection to be auctioned in Kelso on Bathurst 1000 weekend [Source]
Epic 50th anniversary HDT archives collection on sale now! [Source]
Out with a bang! Peter Brock's 'Big Banger' could fetch $2m at auction [Source]
Peter Brock's 'Big Banger' expected to become Australia's first $2 million car  [Source]
'Big Banger' Brock Commodore may fetch $2 million [Source]
Brock Cars to feature at Supercars Events [Source]
Peter Brock 05 Commodore to fetch $2 million at auction [Source]
Australia's First $2M Car - Peter Brock's 'Big Banger' [Source]
Western Advocate | Brock Cars up for Sale
Brock Car Auction to be held in Kelso later in year [Source]
Brock's 'comeback' Supercar going to auction [Source]
Collection of racing legend Peter Brock's Cars headed for auction [Source]
Peter Brock's classic car collection to be auctioned by mystery owner, family divided on decision [Source]
A huge collection of cars driven by the late Australian racing legend Peter Brock are up for sale - here's a look [Source]
Peter Brock race car collection split and for sale [Source]
Brock Car Collection to go to Auction [Source]
Thommo's Ford bowls 'em over [Source]
The used cat that costs more than a house [Source]
Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III sets auction record [Source]
It sold for how much? Extremely rare car sets Australian record at auction
A 47-year-old Ford Falcon just sold for $ 1million [Source]
Ford Falson GTHO III sets new muscle car mark at $1m-plus [Source]
1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III breaks the $1m mark [Source]
Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III sells for $1.030 million [Source]
Big Red Falcon expected to bounce over $1 million [Source]
Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III once owned by Jeff Thomson tipped to sell for $1 million [Source]
Holden Torana A9X Number 1 Sets Auction record [Source]
Gold Coast Bulletin - Lloyds Auctions Charity race day
Historic GTHO Falcons go under the hammer [Source]
Historic GTHO Falcons go under the Hammer [Source]
Shepparton Motor Museum and lloyds team up [Source]
Brabhams, Indy racer headline Australian collection auction [Source]
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