Since 2004 Lloyds Auctions have & will always operate as one big family. As a valued supporter of Lloyds, we consider you a part of the family as well. We at Lloyds are determined to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety & peace of mind of our team, our customers and our community (OUR FAMILY).

As we embrace the “new normal” of everyday life, we are committed to innovating and providing whatever we can for our team, our customers and our community (OUR FAMILY) that have supported us through our long history.

To ensure the safety of our extended family we are moving towards a SAFE, Low Cost & Freaky Fast Shipping Only model (or it’s FREE!), commencing with our head office facility on the Gold Coast.

From Thursday 16th April, all warehoused items offered by our Gold Coast Consumer division will be Shipping Only – with collections limited to extreme cases. Items will be delivered nationwide through our logistics partners, with most local buyers (within 90kms of our Carrara warehouse) receiving items within 24 hours of their account being settled.

This initiative includes Auto, Civil, Industrial and Marine Assets however shipping will not be compulsory for these categories to allow for third party freight & in extreme cases, personal collection of larger assets.

We are excited about this positive change and aim to soon provide this service to all locations Nationwide for the safety of all staff and customers.

Please reach out if you have any questions at all. We don’t mind what your question is, what time you ask it or how big or small – you are a part of our family, which means.. You are family.

Lee Hames

Yours Sincerely, 

Lee Hames
Chief Operations Officer


Matt Kalinski

Head Of Valuations

Qualifications & Affiliations

American Society of Appraisers Candidate Member

Certified Practicing Valuer AVAA


Matt has been in the valuations space for many years and has extensive experience in the space across an abundance of various industries. He now leads the valuations teams for Lloyds Auctions with a passion for encouraging his team to set and achieve high goals and produce great results for the company whilst growing the team’s skills starting with a great culture and team mindset.