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Peter Brock Auction Starts at $1

The world’s largest Peter Brock Collection is officially online and accepting bids for what is expected to be one of the most iconic events in Australian motor racing history.

This is the Brock Collection, where his legacy and history lives on, with over 30 Brock related cars going under the hammer in just over 3 short weeks at the home where Brock’s unparalleled nine wins set the benchmark for Australia’s greatest Motorsport event.

The collection will feature cars such as the original Day-Glo ‘Big Banger’; the Group C Commodore in which Peter Brock won the James Hardie 1000 in Bathurst, Sandown 500 and Surfers Paradise 300.

The auction which is now online, will culminate in an event held at 8pm Saturday 6th October only minutes from the Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit in Bathurst, NSW.

Racing fans from all over can see both the 1984 HDT ‘Big Banger’ VK Commodore and 1982/1983 Bathurst-Winning HDT VH Commodore SS return to the race track at the Sandown 500 this coming weekend.

Lloyds Auctions are offering this Brock Collection for auction with bids starting at one dollar. Bids can be made online or in person on October 6 when these cars will take the grid for one last time together.

Visit for more information or to secure your seat at the Lloyds Classic Car facility on auction day in Bathurst.

Brock through the years

Click below for insights into the Peter Brock cars by era and re-live highlights from Australian Motorsports most famous name.

More will be released as the auction date draws closer so keep coming back to get your fill of all things Brock!

The Rise of Brock with HDT

Group C - The Torana years

Group C - The Commodore Years

Group A - The Introduction of Mobil

The Later Years of Mobil

The Time of Targas

Channel Brock

Have a look at some of the awesome footage of the Auction items and the man himself. Items added regularly so be sure to keep coming back for more.

Did you Know?

Test if you’re a Brocky Superfan or not by seeing if you know the answers to below questions (hover to reveal the answers but no cheating!)

King of the Mountain

Peter Brock won at Bathurst a record how many times?

9 Times!

'72, '75, '78, '79, '80, '82, '83, '84 and '87

The Champion

Peter Brock won how many Australian Touring Car Championships?

3 Times

'74, '78 and '80

Pole or Bust

Peter Brock put his touring car on pole how many times throughout his career?


The view is nice from the front!


How many different models of Holden Commodore did Brock race in the Australian Touring Car Championship / V8 Supercars?


VB, VC, VH, VK, VL, VN, VP, VR, VS, VX, VY - Phew!

The end of an era

Where did Peter Brock finish in the championship in his final full-time season of racing in the Australian Touring Championship?



Where was this last race held?

Barbagello Raceway

Bye-Bye Brocky!

The First of Many

Peter Brock's first car was a...

Austin 7

and it only cost him $10!

All hail the Big Banger

At Bathurst in 1984 Brock and Perkins led all but how many of the 163 laps?


There's not much traffic at the front!

Father & Son

At the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix in 2002 Brock and his Son famously 'raced' Dick and Steve Johnson in which car?

1987 Holden VL Group A

'twas the same car he won his ninth and final Bathurst race in!

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