Expressions of interest are invited by Lloyds Auctioneers & Valuers (the Agent) for purchase by BUY NOW for the item attached being the property of the Vendor. All submissions are expressly required to be compliant with conditions set out in this Invitation.

AVAILABILITY: This unit is available November 2017.



The Items are available for inspection. The Vendor and its agents make no warranty, representation or guarantee in relation to the Items whatsoever. Neither the Agent (Lloyds) nor the vendor give warranty as to the quality, compliance, suitability or safe condition of the goods. Because the goods are sold as is and where is, the successful buyer shall have no claim in respect of the state or safety of the subject items whatsoever. The Buyer accepts that the property is sold with all faults or defects (if any) whether apparent or not. Furthermore the Buyer warrants that they have satisfied themselves by inspection and investigation, and accordingly has not relied on any statement, representation or warranty made by or on behalf of the Vendor either expressly or impliedly about the Items, the purpose for which the items can be used, the value of the items, the fitness of the items for the purposes the Buyer wants it, the feasibility or viability and economic return of the existing use or any proposed future use of the Items.

PRICES OFFERED: Prices offered must be in Australian currency and exclusive of all charges.

ENQUIRIES: Glenn Screech 0411 459 927 or Lee Hames 0414 155 389