To ensure the safety of our extended family we are moving towards a SAFE, Low Cost & Freaky Fast Shipping Only model (or it’s FREE!), commencing with our head office facility on the Gold Coast.

From Thursday 16th April, all warehoused items offered by our Gold Coast Consumer division will be Shipping Only – with collections limited to extreme cases. Items will be delivered nationwide through our logistics partners, with most local buyers (within 90kms of our Carrara warehouse) receiving items within 24 hours of their account being settled.

This initiative includes Auto, Civil, Industrial and Marine Assets however shipping will not be compulsory for these categories to allow for third party freight & in extreme cases, personal collection of larger assets.

We are excited about this positive change and aim to soon provide this service to all locations Nationwide for the safety of all staff and customers.

When will my item be going to auction?

It all depends on your items and what kind of auction they will be going in to. The business development manager that will help you along the way will be able to make arrangements that suit you needs perfectly!

But a good rule of thumb for our staple weekly or fortnightly auctions is to allow 10 business days for us to take photos of your items and write the accompanying descriptions. Once this is completed it will go in the next week’s most suitable auction.

If you would like more help or information, just click below to contact our friendly team.

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