5 Most Helpful Garden Tools That Every Shed Needs

If you love gardening big thyme, then you need to check this out!

Your garden should be your pride and joy! Like your front door, your garden gives everyone their first impression of your home.

Your backyard is a place for entertaining, for the kids to play and run around (maybe with a dog in tow), and for you to relax in the sun.

The quickest and easiest way to keep your garden neat and tidy is by using the right power garden tools.

But not all power tools are created the same. When it comes to being environmentally friendly, value for money and convenience then switching to battery powered tools would be the best option for you.

No more expensive and unsustainable petrol, no more cables and no more extra maintenance without having to give up the power and experience of petrol-powered tools!

We have put together a list of the biggest ‘must-haves’ when it comes to your garden upkeep!

Lawn Mower

Your lawn is the centre piece of your garden. People get so excited over a perfectly manicured patch of grass that there are Facebook groups dedicated to showcasing just this!

The key to an impressively healthy and well-maintained lawn is a great lawn mower. There are lawn mowers to suit any kind of terrain and size, whether you want to cut tight circles around trees or go for a ride across acres of property.

Trim your lawn with greater power and precision by using the range of high-tech lawn mowers from G-FORCE. Each lawn mower is designed for top performance, providing the control you need to shape your lawn however you like.

These mowers feature efficient battery power storage and consumption and a brushless motor for quiet engine performance!

Line Trimmer

A line trimmer is more commonly known as a whipper snipper here in the Land Down Under and is a staple for any garden shed or garage.

Think of a line trimmer as the cherry on top of a lawn mower.  Tidy up the hard to reach areas that evade the lawn mower and create perfectly neat edges along paths and garden beds.

Easy to store away, a line trimmer is compact and convenient and versatile.  Whether you’re trimming edges or cutting outgrowths and wild patches, the G-FORCE brush cutters will help you get the job done easily

With their slim profile and lightweight construction, you can even use these cutters for cutting vegetation on walls and fences. They also feature the brushless motor for quiet engine performance.

Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is more than just a tool to make your hair blow like you’re in a music video… It’s a far less physically demanding alternative to the garden rake or broom.

Just like the name suggests, a leaf blower’s purpose is to clear large amounts of leaves and debris off paths, driveways and yards by blowing them away (or into a manageable pile).

Especially handy in the Autumn months, leaf blowers are an ideal clean up tool that come in a range of power levels to suit your needs and budget.

The G-FORCE collection includes choices for a battery powered leaf blower in 36v and 120v with an ergonomic and lightweight design.

Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is for more than just hedges! A hedge trimmer is to shape and maintain all kinds of trees, bushes and plants in your yard.

Designed to replace manual secateurs, a hedge trimmer can trim cut, prune, shape and more! Tackle vegetation on walls, hedges and fences with ease.

With a battery powered hedge trimmer from G-FORCE, you can fully eliminate the common risk of accidentally cutting through the power cord!

These hedge trimmers are powerful yet lightweight, giving you the cutting action you need to trim areas quickly and efficiently.

With light, ergonomic designs and a brushless motor for quiet engine performance, these hedge trimmers are some of the most versatile tools you can have in your shed.


A chainsaw may sound scary and unnecessary, but they really are a great way to make easy work of all kinds of large gardening jobs.

If you’re unsure, it can be a good idea to do a course on chainsaw safety to give you more confidence. Those around you will have more trust in you too!

A chainsaw is the quickest and most efficient tool to cut any branches or trees and are especially handy for cutting firewood into more usable pieces.

There is a variety of chainsaws for sale at G-FORCE Tools, giving you several choices for finding the perfect chainsaw for your needs.

The 36V and 18V battery powered chainsaws use next generation technology that provides more power and cutting action than most standard chainsaws on the market.

The G-FORCE range of battery-powered outdoor power equipment is the most powerful available on the market. Coming in a 36v and 120v range, they all feature next-generation lithium-ion battery technology. 

G-FORCE Tools have just arrived at Lloyds Auctions. They were created by SUMEC HARDWARE & TOOLS CO LTD who are a leading international manufacturer of garden tools and equipment for international companies like Samsung and for Aldi.

Check them out in our hand and power tools section!

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