1. CHEAP AS CHIPS – This weekend over 200 flat screen televisions will be auctioned off in our INSURANCE CLAIM auctions. That means Big Brands for not so big prices! If anything, you’re saving money. They are all still new in boxes so they’ll make great gifts, an early Mother’s Day present or a good family investment for movie night.

  2. CURVED AND UNRESERVED – They look amazing in any room. Aesthetically, LED flat screen TV’s are sleek and modern. They give any room a contemporary look and ensure an impressive response from all your friends. AND to top it off, they’re all selling unreserved with bidding starting at just $1.

  3. BIGGER MEDIA CENTRE = BRING THE CINEMA HOME & YOUR FAMILY TOGETHER… These screens run from 32 to 75 inches in size, they have 4K processors and are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours with endless movies, games and interactive consoles able to be connected to the televisions (gaming consoles also available in our assorted computer and electronics auctions). So spend some quality time together, whether it be a quiet night in with your partner or keeping the small ones occupied…

  4. SO MUCH COLOUR IMPACT FOR FAMILY PHOTOS. The TVs have phenomenal resolution and beautiful displays. LED displays are an updated brighter way of lighting the television screens and their modernized contrast ratio means better performing colours and pictures. All the more reason to view your family photo slides (and also a great feature for gaming!).

  5. TV VIEWING PREFERENCES – Now everyone can watch what they want with these TVs and their multiple viewing capacities. A multi viewing experience means that the footy and lifestyle shows can be in different windows at the same time. AND smart TVs are internet capable which equals endless streaming possibilities for family days or catch ups on a Friday night.

  6. LESS POWER CONSUMPTION! Now this is a great point – less power consumption will produce a cheaper energy bill and more money to buy your special other half presents! On average in comparison to a plasma and an older style LCD TV, a new LCD/LED display TV saves approximately 34% in power consumption. (RPC, 2017)

  7. OPTIONS GALORE – From Smart TVs or Family TVs to small TVs made for bedrooms and offices, what isn’t available these days? We’ve come a long way from the old CRT boxes that weighed a tonne, to fancy new Wallpaper televisions that look more like an interactive painting on your loungeroom wall… Whilst competition is fierce amongst manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Sony & Panasonic, the feature list of modern televisions are impressive. Internet connectivity is almost standard, however options like voice commands, HDD recording, media players and smartphone apps are all things to look out for.

Keep an eye out for our big screen TV clearances. You’ll find televisions available regularly at Lloyds Auctions and we truly hope that these tips have helped you to convince the boss – whether it be the household boss or financial controller (we all know who that is!) – to come down to Lloyds and jump online and MAKE A BID.

Matt Kalinski

Head Of Valuations

Qualifications & Affiliations

American Society of Appraisers Candidate Member

Certified Practicing Valuer AVAA


Matt has been in the valuations space for many years and has extensive experience in the space across an abundance of various industries. He now leads the valuations teams for Lloyds Auctions with a passion for encouraging his team to set and achieve high goals and produce great results for the company whilst growing the team’s skills starting with a great culture and team mindset.