Give the Gift of Entertainment this Christmas

What better gift is there than the gift of entertainment this Christmas? With seemingly endless days to fill over the summer break, electronics and leisure items are the ticket to putting big grins on your loved one’s face this season.

They will be thanking Santa long after Boxing Day, continuing to enjoy their gifts well into the New Year. If you’re looking to buy electronics, sporting goods and techy toys then you have hit the mark. So, what are the top picks for 2016?


Drones provide hours and hours of mega fun. There’s nothing quite like learning to fly a drone for the first time.  However, the challenge doesn’t stop there – you can level up, purchasing a more advanced drone as your flying skill increases.

There are drones available to suit any skill level or recreational requirement. It depends on the user as to what drone will be appropriate. If they are a child or a beginner than you will probably want to look out for a small drone, otherwise referred to as a MiniDrone.

Or, maybe you’re after something a little more out-of-the-box for someone who already has some skill or is looking for something with more potential.  There are many drones available on the market that come set up for aerial photography and/or filming – often including a Go Pro camera.

There’s no doubting that drones are super-popular. By 2018 it is expected that the market for sales will reach at least $1 billion. Some of the more advanced drones now have the ability to live stream flight footage straight to your mobile devices.

With the increasing supply and demand for drones for drones they are actually decreasing in price to the consumer. Which makes them the perfect gift this Christmas.

Gaming Towers

Do you know someone who does some intense gaming? Surprise them with the ultimate in PC equipment.  Whether they play World of Warcraft, Call of Duty or Final Fantasy, a gaming tower is the sure-fire way to make their Christmas wishes come true.

Why a gaming tower? Well, there is a major difference between a gaming tower and commercial PCs. They have the addition of gaming components such as one or more high-end video cards. It’s well known that a desktop set up is always far and away a better option than any laptop for gaming.

Gaming towers are often custom built to optimise gameplay. They allow the most effective user experience possible. Giving a true gamer a gaming tower is the equivalent of handing them the Holy Grail.

Select the most appropriate machine, include a few PC games and wrap it all up with a big bow. There you have it: the ultimate Christmas gift for IT types.

Smart Watches

Looking for a gift that isn’t run-of-the-mill? Smart watches are perfect for busy, active people who enjoy being on the cutting-edge of technology. They often include amazing features like built in GPS, Internet search via voice and even the ability to check out at the grocery store without having to reach for your wallet.

This all comes in the wearable, convenient form of a watch.  While some smart watches have been deemed a little less than stylish, there are a lot of new models available that are as attractive as they are functional.

A smart watch is great for fitness nuts. You can track the level of your exercise via the on-board technology. You don’t have the pesky problem of where to store your phone when you go for a jog – you can hit the path unhindered.

With a smart watch you will never be out the loop, you can receive notifications on the go, and you can even store a quantity of music and photos. There’s no denying it: the gift of a smart watch will press all the right buttons this Christmas.


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