Another Forum Group Business Doesn’t Have to Go to Waste

The widely reported ‘Forum Group’ whose director allegedly de-frauded major banks of over 400 million dollars will have the inventory of its last major business offered to market this week. Iugis Pty Ltd was the brainchild of former director Bill Papas.

Iugis was set to be a leading Australian Company in the relatively new Sustainable Waste Industry. At the time of the company being placed into liquidation last year the inventory that will now go to auction this week had a landed cost of nearly 14 million dollars.

The Iugis commercial food waste digesters are billed as environmentally friendly, eco based and sustainable, being an innovative food waste solution contributing to a sustainable society and cost reductions making this an ideal business opportunity.

“These machines are perfect for large supermarket chains, hotels, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and any companies that need to safely dispose of their food waste. This is an incredible business opportunity as the stock required is landed and ready to go, a lot of the hard work and current import constraints have been bypassed.” said Mr. Lee Hames, Chief Operations Officer for Lloyds Auctions.

On offer is over 800 lots consisting of commercial food waste digesters, skip bins, electric motors and much more in a 4-part auction spanning across 2 days.  In addition to this offering, there are a number Surfacide Heolis Systems which will be coming to market shortly.

The technology mimics a natural digestion process using micro-organisms to transform food waste into an environmentally safe liquid.

The auctions are currently online with the bidding set to close on Wednesday 25th May and Thursday 26th May.

You can view the first auction here or visit for more information.

Video footage of the items is available on request.

Scott Webber

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Scott Webber is one of the founding partners at Lloyds and has worked for the company from its inception in 2004. In that time Scott has been a Licensed Auctioneer and Qualified ASA Valuer. Prior to Lloyds, Scott was a Farm Manager at Cubbie Station in Queensland, he has an earthmoving and agricultural background.

Scott is heavily involved in daily valuations. He acts for a wide range of clients and vendors including Insurance companies, Financiers, Insolvency Practitioners, Government branches, Joint Ventures and Alliances, large companies, and private individuals. Scott personally co-signs and oversees every valuation report completed by Lloyds. On average the Lloyds valuations department conducts over 500 appraisals per financial year.

Scott has managed many auctions and private sales, previously completing an approximate average of 400-800 traditional auction lots per week. Given that the Lloyds system is now online, traditional auctions are very minimal and are completed in a simulcast method, to comply with contracts we have with major government departments. Although Scott’s focus is currently Valuations, he still oversees and runs auctions weekly on a wide variety of assets from motor vehicles to very specialised process lines.

Scott offers a wealth of experience as an Auctioneer and Valuer in all aspects of Valuations and Asset Disposals.

Having headed disposal programs for Major Infrastructure Alliances, Joint Venture partnerships and Government projects throughout Australia, Scott has a wide range of experience in the Civil Construction, Earthmoving, Manufacturing and Agricultural sectors offering a “turn key” service from start to finish.

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