Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… Classics!

What better way to celebrate Australia Day and all things Straya, than what we do best… Australian classic cars!

We’ve put in the hard yakka and have chosen our Top 9 Australian classic cars that would deadset make this Australia Day fully sick.

While you’re chucking your snags and shrimp on the barbie and downing a cold one in your budgie smugglers, cast your eyes over this lovely lot of Aussie beauties going under the hammer soon.

1949 Ford Single Spinner

This stunning Australian built Utility coupe features a super smooth column shift, excellent interior, varnished timber tray and push button start.

This Aussie beauty is a real gem to drive!

1970 Ford Falcon GTHO XY 351 Tribute

This 1970 Ford Falcon 500 Sedan has been reborn as a tasteful GTHO XY 351 Tribute.

A lot of money has been spent on this vehicle including a total rebuild costing over $65,000!

This clean and honest car has been well looked after. Is it your next Aussie classic?

1954 Holden FX-FJ

Hotted up Humpy… What a cracker!

The most recognized Holden shape of all, the FX-FJ Humpy is the classic early bodied Holden sold in the thousands in the 40s and 50s.

A beautiful old car, this one is still running the twin carburetors and a floor shift.

Over the years these old girls were used as police cars, taxis, company cars, family cars, and also raced on every circuit around Australia.

1976 Holden Torana LX SL “SS A9X Tribute”

This LX SL Torana Hatch has been reborn as an SS A9X Tribute.

This awesome A9X tribute has had a full interior and exterior restoration and features a Cotillion white exterior with tan interior, a L34 spec motor, hotwire alloy wheels and to top it all off, tinted windows.

This Factory 4 speed is a true Aussie beauty!

1984 Holden 1 Tonner

With a towbar, LSD diff and power steering, this Aussie workhorse could be enjoyed as is or turned into a show car!

Featuring a fresh coat of paint, this a true blue Aussie classic. It’s no wonder Holden brought the 1 Tonners back for round two in the early 2000s!

1970 Holden Monaro HT

In absolute time-warp condition with a truly extraordinary 322 miles on the odometer, you will not find a lower mileage, original example of any generation Monaro anywhere in the world.

This 1970 Holden HT GTS 186S Monaro is as rare as they come; a two door coupe still in original, plastic-wrapped factory condition with its very first service yet to fall due!

Upon delivery of this brand new car from Reg Hunt Motors in Melbourne, its first owner was not convinced that it was the same vehicle he had test driven. Arguments with the dealership proved futile and the owner proceeded to lock this car away in his shed… It remained there for the life of the owner, before his nephew purchased it from his estate in 1981.

If you are looking for one of Australia’s most significant Holden’s in a museum standard, then this is it.

1971 Holden 1 Tonner

This head-turner had a full cab off, back to metal restoration about 13 years ago and features one-off orange pearl paintwork with ghost flames on the bonnet and guards.

With all the features and upgrades there is too much to list, this ute needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.

A lot has been spent on this one and it has won People’s Choice in several shows! If you’re looking for attention, this is one way to get it!

1977 Holden Torana SLR 5000

Torana is one of the most iconic shapes in Australian automotive history, but this one is even more special than that. This is the very first Holden Torana SLR5000 A9X ever produced.

The very first A9X sedan off the production line (06/09/1977) this car bears the lowest PSN (Production Serial Number or Plant Sequence Number) of all 500 sedan and hatch A9Xs ever made.

All tags and body number are correct, its provenance is detailed and well documented (all of which comes with the car) and it represents the very best model Holden produced in the 1970s.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

2017 HSV GTSR W1

HSV is probably wishing it had pumped out more than just 275 units for Australia and 25 for overseas in the GTSR W1 production run.

The demand for the hottest ever Holden has been bigger than ever! The W1 is a road-going race car and is the biggest thing in the Aussie muscle car scene since the Phase III GTHO.

Take this chance to own one of the best delivery-kilometre HSV GTSR W1s in the world.

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