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Having retired from full-time racing at the end of 1997, Brock now had time for other, different Motorsports activities.

Targa Tasmania is Australia’s premier tarmac rally, a week-long event held on winding country roads around Tasmania.

The course covers 2200 kilometres including 500 kilometres of competitive racing.

Peter Brook’s Targa years started in 1999, and even though he was not classified as a finisher in his first race, Brock’s love for tarmac rallies was born.

Often thought of as purely a circuit racer, Brock was talented in rallying on dirt and tarmac amongst many other disciplines of motorsport. He simply loved cars and loved driving them fast.

1973 Holden Torana XU1 Targa Tasmania

The perfect father-son project, this is the very first race car James Brock built to take Peter to his first tarmac rally in Tasmania in 1999. It was Silk Cut purple back then, a hue borrowed from the Le Mans racing Jaguars!

Peter drove the ’99 Targa Tasmania, with his son, James, as navigator. They were going really well in this car when another car in front of them blew a turbo and spilled oil on the road. Peter went straight up a big corner and down over a bank and that probably rattled him a little bit!

His mate, Peter Champion, recalled him saying that as far as he was concerned, that was probably the last time he was going to do competition racing.

This car was then painted yellow and it was bought by Trevor Young from Biante Model Cars. They put it in the Biante Historic Touring Car series with Peter at the wheel. This Torana is one of the last cars Peter raced on a circuit in Australia.

2001 Targa Tasmania Holden Ute

Targa Tasmania organisers granted Peter Brock special permission to race this Holden Ute in the demonstration category of the 2001 event.

Because Peter was invited into the demonstration category he wasn’t able to claim a position in the race. But believe it or not, Peter and his son and navigator, James, got into the top 10 at times with this standard Commodore ute on the rugged west coast of Tasmania!

He drove it that hard and fast up out of Rosebery, he melted the power steering pump off the engine and they had to take another power steering pump off a car on a showroom floor to put on this ute!

Targa Tasmania 2001 was the last time Peter raced this ute, but it was used as a support vehicle for the team when Peter returned to Targa in 2002 with the new Monaro coupe. This ute really went the extra mile, its front panels were removed and used in the rebuild of Steve Richards’ damaged car!

2002 Targa Tasmania Holden Monaro CV8

This red Monaro here represents the black 2004 Holden Monaro CV8 as it was originally red for the 2002 Targa event with factory support from Holden.

Everything you see on this car, from the wheels to all the componentry, is from the Monaro Performance Centre in Melbourne who built this car for Brocky’s friend, Peter Champion.

It started as his own personal car until he decided to turn it into the original red replica of the black Monaro CV8 and it was added to the Brock Collection.

2004 Targa Tasmania Holden Monaro CV8

This is the Monaro that Peter Brock drove in the Targa Tasmania for three years: 2002, 2003 and 2004. The Monaro received a new look for the 2004 Targa event, presented in the striking new black and gold livery and has remained that way to this day.

During two stages of the 2004 Targa Tasmania, Peter Brock beat a twin turbo, four wheel drive Porsche in this black Monaro. But during the final stage of the event, Brock misjudged a corner and put this car through a wire fence into a paddock. The damage from this incident is still visible on the car!

A few years after that, Peter Champion got invited to bring this car to Tasmania because they had made it the face of Tarmac Tasmania. On the Monday, Champion was asked to take it for a spin at Symmons Plains Raceway.

It still had its wheels and tyres that Brocky had raced on and the only car that passed this Monaro on that day was the Lamborghini of Jason White’s, who actually won the Targa Tasmania rally that year.

Champion claims he was doing over 250 kph down the back straight with this rally car and it was a bit slippery, but said this is still a very special and beautiful car.

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