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Camping, but not as you know it.

Why glamping is taking over (and rightfully so)!

The way people are traveling has started to change and the trend of glamping (glamorous camping) is rapidly taking hold and showing no signs of slowing down!

Travellers are not after the same holidays as they once were, and are craving to become a part of the culture and nature they visit. It is no longer enough to just witness the wonders that Australia’s landscape has to offer, people want to live in it.

Recent years have seen glamping opportunities becoming available in caves, underwater pods, ice hotels, and reconfigured planes, trains, and automobiles. What will they think of next?

Camping And Recreational Gear

What exactly is Glamping?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, glamping is “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.”

The word was first used in the United Kingdom in 2005 and has gained so much worldwide traction that it was added to the dictionary in 2016.

Most glamping accommodation includes a proper bed with hotel quality bedding, a full bathroom, kitchen appliances, and heating or air conditioning. It can come in the form of a yurt, tepee, cabin or a luxury caravan, instead of just a basic tent. There is more space and all the creature comforts of home, in a seemingly traditional camping landscape.

Glamping is where nature meets modern luxury. Glamping is a way for people to connect with their surroundings without having to ‘down and dirty’.

Who goes glamping?

The hot Australian summer is here and with Christmas quickly approaching and the kids on school holidays, now is the perfect time to embrace this new concept of glamping. Whether people are traditional camping fanatics or not, glamping suits everyone!

The number of traditional camping and caravanning trips around Australia is growing and more people are choosing to spend their holiday outdoors.

For those who love the great outdoors but prefer not to give up all the comforts of home, glamping an incredible alternative to ‘roughing’ it.

Instead of waking up and stepping out of their house into their normal daily routine, glampers can wake up and step outside of their yurt, restored trailer, or even a tree house into their own private natural retreat. Fresh air and absolute ease…what more could anyone want??
Families tend to prefer beachside locations with parks and large open spaces, but younger people will gravitate to a more bustling community like the Whitsunday Islands, where they can socialise with like-minded people.

According to a report by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, the young family market will become one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the caravan industry over the next decade.

Glamping is a great option, especially for families with young children. Taking the kids on a road trip this summer would be a life changing experience both for the adults and the children alike. But having to deal with tent set up, canned baked beans on the fire and the overly hot nights with an uncomfortable sleep could ruin the whole thing!

But glamping in a luxury caravan, for example, is the ultimate solution to a family road trip around Australia this summer.

Camping And Recreational Gear

Why go glamping?

If we haven’t sold you on the idea of glamping yet, let’s cover some of the top reasons to invest in something like a luxury caravan this summer.

For starters, luxury caravans offer a mix of comfort, affordability, and a gateway to Australia’s big backyard. Instead of buying a holiday home somewhere, see more and do more and have a hotel on wheels!

After a week of glamping in a luxury caravan, they’re thinking about how comfortable they were, instead of being worried about how disheveled they look after a week in a tent.

Caravan glamping is a great way to have roasted marshmallows but still be able to eat a home cooked meal. With a full kitchen fit out, glampers can have meals like they eat at home (particularly good for fussy eaters), and then step outside to the campfire.

Glampers also have access to fully functional bathrooms with proper toilets and showers like they have left behind at home. The smell of camping really isn’t part of the fun!

There are also caravans with full air conditioning and heating units, and power throughout so glampers really can get the best night’s sleep possible, on a proper bed no less. No air mattress in sight!

For those that can’t stand the disorganisation of traditional camping and having stuff strewn everywhere because there is nowhere to comfortably put it in a tent, then a luxury caravan is the answer. With all the storage of home, there is even a refrigerator for food, and a dresser for clothes.

We saved the best for last… Coffee! Don’t even think about waiting 20 minutes for your instant coffee to boil over the fire in the morning. Glamping, almost by definition, includes an espresso machine!

Where can you go glamping in Australia?

Well in a luxury, all terrain caravan the answer is basically anywhere and everywhere!

What Instagram has done, is displayed remote places to a high majority of the population as people share their photos of hidden gems across Australia. But these insta-worthy places are only accessible with an all-terrain caravan.

Traditional camping purists might not get it, but glamping should be celebrated. Take a luxury campervan to the Noosa Everglades in Queensland and be surrounded by beautiful scenery. Leave the caravan behind to take the 20 minute journey by car into town to get a gorgeous meal from one of the famous eateries on Noosa’s James St.

The Glasshouse Mountains near the Sunshine Coast, and the Byron Bay Hinterland both also provide this ideal ‘best of both worlds’ glamping location.

But the ultimate glamping destination would have to be Wilpena Pound in Flinders Ranges National Park, South Australia. Look it up; its arid, rugged but beautiful all at the same time and needs to be seen to be believed.

We have the perfect Aussie summer road trip luxury caravans for auction to make everyone’s glamping dreams come true!

Designed with Aussie roads in mind, the Byfield caravan from AusRV features industry leading AL-KO independent suspension and stability control.

AusRV Caravans are proudly Australian made and built from high quality, Australian sourced and made materials. Locally built in their Queensland factory by our skilled RV tradesmen, AusRV Caravans are lightweight, strong, water, dust and hail resistant.

But the spacious inside really takes the cake. With lavish marble benchtops, high end appliances and air conditioned and powered throughout, these really are the pinnacle of luxury travel in Australia.

Do you want to embark on your very own glamping adventure?

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