Lloyds auctions have over 1000 award-winning Simba hybrid mattresses

From humble beginnings in 1979, Simba have been in the bed business for over 40 years. It all started with a single spool of thread manufactured in Derbyshire.

This thread was revolutionary and was used worldwide to make over 50 million mattresses. Chances are that the mattress you sleep on tonight will use this thread!

After broadening their horizons and starting to make their very own, award-winning mattresses in 2002, Simba quickly became Europe’s favourite mattress-in-a-box brand.

Now they have expanded (no pun intended) and have taken up residence here at Lloyds Auctions in Australia.

These Simba auctions could be the answer to all your mattress problems including comfort, portability and price!

Traditional mattresses don’t suit everyone, which is why they come with so many options and add-ons. But maybe you can please all of the people, all of the time.

Here’s why the Simba Hybrid Mattress is the stuff that dreams are made of…

The Research

We’ve all got our sleep quirks. So, Simba studied 180 million body profile measures taken from ten million sleepers.

And not just simple things like height and weight. Gender, pressure points, flexibility and weight distribution were all taken into account.

Simba used the research from more than ten million sleepers to create a mattress that’s built for everyone and every body. The testing saw them improve their mattress even more.

They built over 70 prototypes which confirmed that the mattress design that suits the most sleepers is a hybrid… but not just any hybrid. They created a mattress they’re confident is perfect for 95% of sleepers.

They replaced the memory foam lower down in the mattress. Simba also made the spring unit even more flexible so that it really moulds to your body. This means more support and an even better sleep.

So, whether you sleep face down, curled up or sprawled out, these mattresses will feel made for you.

The best of both worlds

The Simba Hybrid difference is its combination of the cooling comfort of open cell foam and the flexible support of 2,500 patented, cone shaped springs.

Although a traditional foam mattress is responsive, it can be too soft and hot. Soft doesn’t always mean comfortable, it can mean sinky!

A classic spring mattress is more firm, supportive and breathable but most of the time means bouncy. This is not ideal for sleeping next to a restless partner!

The Simba Hybrid truly is the best of both worlds! It has cloud-like comfort, cooling airflow, no motion transfer and most importantly, the right support.

From cooling Simbatex right through to a base that lets hot air escape, the five-layer system has been designed for active cooling and maximum airflow. That’s something you just won’t get from a simple foam stack that tend to trap heat.

Advanced materials and the unique five-layer design will regulate your temperature – so you can chill out in all seasons which is especially handy during our sweltering Australian summers!

The impeccable five-layer design

Experience the support of the specially designed pocket springs with adaptable memory foam in five layers of perfect comfort. Each layer is uniquely designed to work in harmony with the others, and with you.

The first layer is the zip-off, washable and hypoallergenic sleep surface is soft to the touch and easy to clean.

Then comes the cooling comfort layer, designed to tackle overheating and give you extra support.

The innovatively shaped Simba conical springs pivot and hug close to your and minimise disturbance between couples. So however you sleep, you’re supported from all angles.

Simba then added a layer of Visco memory foam which moulds to your body for more restful sleep.

Finally, the durable base has been engineered to give you pressure relieving support in all the right places.

The Edge Lift technology means no matter where you lie on your mattress you’ll feel fully supported. You can kiss goodnight to that rolling off feeling you get from your usual mattress.

The five layers of perfect comfort are snugly surrounded by a new 360° high density foam border. It gives the mattress the edge… literally.

All Simba mattress are 25cm deep, combining all the new generation foams and patented conical pocket springs.

The quality and the box

All Simba mattresses are sourced and made in Europe. Simba work with well-known, state-of-the-art mattress factories in the UK and Poland.

Plus, no matter where you are in the world, the springs in your Simba mattress will be made from 100% British steel.

The quality of these mattresses is outstanding and they will last as long as any traditional mattress (which is about 8-10 years).

Having a mattress in a box saves so much hassle getting it into your house. Especially if you live up several flights of stairs in an apartment!

No more wrestling with an out of control, heavy and inflexible mattress. Simply pop the box in your car or get it delivered cheaply and easily, right to your door.

Once the box is at home, you simply have to slide the rolled up mattress onto the bed frame, cut open the plastic and voila! Your mattress will roll out and expand, right in front of your eyes!

Buy online with us and you don’t have to deal with pushy sales-room people who are trying to sell you the matching pillows, mattress topper, sheets, bedframe and tallboy!

And eliminating these showrooms and staff members means you can get your mattress for so much cheaper as rent and wages are no longer a factor in the pricing.

Make over every bed in the house for a bargain and be able to take home every mattress with you, all at once!

If you’re not having a good night or sleeping tight, then sign up for our email alerts and know when our mattress auctions are near you!

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