Does tickling the ivory, tickle your fancy?

Find out more about the amazing back story to our piano auction

Barry Lloyd was Australia’s well known prestigious piano expert who specialised in moving, tuning and restoring quality pianos. He owned Australia’s largest and most prestigious piano shop, called “Lloyd’s Pianos” on the Hume Highway in Sydney.

Growing up he watched his father repair pianos and when Barry turned 18, he took on the same job. Pianos would come into the store every day; some were more than 100 years old! But Barry claimed he never had time to master the art of playing one!

He passed away in 2014 and gifted his collection of more than 100 pianos to his beloved apprentice, Ray Palmer. But it wasn’t just pianos that made up the contents of the shop. Thousands of other piano related items such as stools, rolls and vintage furniture were also handed on to Ray.

Barry’s family knew what a sizable collection he had and knew it was best passed on to someone who would treasure it as Barry did. Ray’s passion is pianos and he can’t walk past one without stopping to play, which can turn into an hour session!

The Last Five Years

Ray has held on to every single one of these incredible instruments left to him by his mentor five years ago, even though it is costing him thousands of dollars a month in storage fees!

There were so many pianos and so little room that he even had to store some outside, under tarpaulins, trying in vain to keep them from tarnishing. Ray also has a small collection of classic Humber Snipes cars that are inaccessible as they have been blocked in by hundreds of pianos!

But it has all become overwhelming for Ray, who also works fulltime. He has decided to pass them on to homes where they can all be truly appreciated, and approached us here at Lloyds Auctions to help make it happen!

What happens now?

We have 30 of the finest pianos in the collection in this unprecedented auction, the majority of which are unreserved! That’s not to mention all the lots of beautiful vintage furniture and piano stools and rolls too.

This is an unbelievable opportunity for the musicians out there, as it is not very often you see so many gorgeous pianos of this calibre all for sale in one place!

Each piano in this auction is of high quality, and most are in great working condition.

The tales of the tune

There are some unique finds and quirky saloon style gems. A lot of these uprights would have some tales to tell!

Lot 11 especially, presents quite the life story. This piano was delivered new to the NSW Government Railways in 1903. The piano was installed on a railway carriage and played for Prince George, Duke of Cornwall and York, and his wife, Mary, of the British Royal Family as they travelled to Sydney.

It certainly looks the part as well, featuring hand painted Cameo panels by an unknown Sydney artist who was employed by Australian piano manufacturer, Octavius Beale. With keys made from ivory and intricate wooden detail, this is one instrument that would play the ultimate talking point for any home, business or venue

Someone once likened pianos to pool tables; everyone wants one! They look so cool in a home or office, or as a statement piece in a restaurant. They are the epitome of sophistication and represent a rich culture and history.

This may not be the last of these stunning black and white 88 keys at Lloyds Auctions, but we would suggest you snap up one of these antique beauties as they are truly in a class of their own. They deserve to go to a home where they will be treated with love, as they have become accustomed to!

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