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What makes coloured diamonds so special and worth the price tag?

When we think of a diamond, we all think of a beautiful white gem that sparkles like nothing else!

But, did you know that while white or colourless diamonds are most common, this gem is not limited to this appearance?

That’s right. Diamonds come in a range of colours from the more common whites, browns and yellows to the rarer oranges, purples and pinks, right through to the ever-elusive red diamond! 

Coloured diamonds make up less than 0.1% of all mined diamonds which could explain why you never see or hear of them very often!

What causes the colours?

All the naturally occurring diamonds found today were formed 1-3 billion years ago by a combination of high temperatures and extreme pressure below the earth’s surface.

Foreign particles can get trapped during this process and alters the chemicals involved resulting in a different and natural coloured diamond.

In order to produce the different colours naturally, thousands of variables must be present in just the right amounts, at just the right times. It really is a rare and unique occurrence! 

The 12 primary colours diamonds can be found with are yellow, pink, blue, green, orange, champagne, violet, grey, purple, red, fancy black and fancy white.

It’s not until the last leg of their journey to the earth’s surface that diamonds can get their green colour from absorbing naturally occurring radiation.

Blue diamonds get their colour from boron and orange and yellow diamonds get theirs from being exposed to nitrogen. Purple colour is caused by the presence of hydrogen.

When it comes to pink and red diamonds, no one really knows for sure what causes their colour! The most popular theory is that they have been exposed to even more intense heat, pressure, and time transforming the diamond crystals into grains like wood. 

The grains are compressed so tightly that they will only allow pink light to penetrate and shine through the diamond.

HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) can also be used to create man made coloured diamonds by enhancing their pale natural colour or by dying colourless diamonds.

How are they graded?

Diamonds are graded using the four C’s: Cut, colour, clarity and carat but when it comes to coloured diamonds there is more of a focus on one.

You guessed it, colour! Coloured diamonds get graded for the intensity of the colour (how dark and vivid it is) and if there are any secondary colours present.

The intensity is measured using the descriptions of faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy deep and fancy vivid. 

You may also encounter pink diamonds being referred to on a point scale from 1-9 which is the Argyle colour grading system. 

With most coloured diamonds, the richer and more saturated the colour, the more expensive the diamond. A pure, vivid coloured diamond weighing 1 carat will cost many times more than a very nice fancy coloured one weighing 1 carat (or even 2 carats for that matter).

However, a small intense pink diamond, will probably be more eye catching than a 1 carat D, VS colourless diamond!

The colour description is often a composition of two and maybe even three colours. For example, greyish, yellowish green or purple brown. The colour combinations for pink diamonds are usually purple pink, brown pink, and orange pink.

Coloured diamonds are not cut for best brilliance and sparkle but by what is going to enhance their colour the most. Shapes such as radiant, cushion, heart, triangle and marquise are best for coloured diamonds because they hide flaws and flaunt colour.

Why are pink diamonds worth the most?

We have mentioned pink diamonds a lot so far and that’s because they are the most desirable and valued coloured diamonds there are!

When it comes to affordability, grey, brown, yellow and orange diamonds are the most affordable coloured diamonds. Purples, greens and blues come next with pink and the extremely rare red diamonds topping the scale! 

Certified natural fancy vivid pink diamonds are the most expensive diamonds on the market at 20 times the price of a white diamond! The beautiful pink gemstone is still very rare, with only a few produced each year. 

Also pop culture influences the desirability of coloured diamonds! Ben Affleck’s proposal to Jennifer Lopez with a pink gemstone in 2002 caused prices to rise significantly.

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Where are they found?

Though pink diamonds can be found around the world, the largest and most reliable supply is located in the famous Argyle mine in Western Australia which was discovered in 1979. 

Their annual production of pink diamonds, just over half a carat, would fit in the palm of your hand. The larger rare violet diamonds would barely fill a teaspoon. This proves that these diamonds are so coveted for good reason! 

It is responsible for approximately 90% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds, but because of the very limited supply leads to high value, not to mention the Argyle mine will be closing for good this year!

Now is the time to snap up a pink diamond before they become even more few and far between.

Why are pink diamonds loved so much?

We will always want what we can’t have, so the rarity of pink diamonds mean human nature makes them in high demand! 

As we mentioned earlier, fashion trends and pop culture can often dictate what is popular, even if just for a short time. Celebrity engagement rings have such an impact on the coloured diamond industry. 

While colourless diamonds have always been popular for engagement rings, coloured diamonds are becoming more and more common as couples are turning towards unique and diverse ways of symbolising their love. 

Pink, without question, is among the most popular of colours for engagement rings. Perhaps of what the colour symbolises in love, romance and its femininity. 

Even with a smaller carat pink diamond, you can still have a stand out piece. Consider surrounding the pink diamond with white or colourless diamonds to make it really stand out and create impact. 

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