Flashback – Bringing Memories Back

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Flashback – Bringing Memories Back


Just over a year ago back in March 2018, Lloyds auctions had the privilege to auction the first ever four-door Holden Torana A9X which set a new Australian Record at auction on the Gold Coast last year selling for $365,000. The record more than doubled the previous record of $165,000 in an intense bidding war and the emotional video soon went viral with more than 1.5 million views.


Now this month we have been taken back to the memorable event of the first ever production car with a very similar looking A9X coming to auction in our Super Sprint Auction on June 29. Lloyds are seeing the continuation of a strong market with more cars similar to those that have broken records coming out of the woodworks or (the workshops).

To provide some background context on just how important and special the history of the Torana A9X’s are to Holden enthusiasts can be represented by a heartfelt story of the very first original A9X.

This car brought tears to most people’s eyes in the crowd on auction day when the story of car that had been in the same family for many years was told on video.

The car was sold in honour of the owner, whose mother entrusted Lloyd’s with such a sentimental sale of a prized piece of Holden motoring history.

The auction was a once in-a-life-time chance for lovers of the Holden Torana A9X to witness and is the holy grail of Torana’s. It was the very first Holden Torana A9X sedan off the production line in 1977 and it had the paperwork to prove it.

The sale proved that the buyer interest in the Torana A9X market is continuing to grow, which is great news for Holden classic car owners everywhere.

Now up for auction this month is a very similar looking 1976 Holden Torana A9X Replica Sedan with the main difference being a Replica 2-door rather than a 4-door as the original A9X sold in 2018.

The replica LX Torana A9X has had a full resto featuring tinted windows, alloy wheels and a tan interior.

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The popular car went up for auction on the 29th of this month in our Classic Cars & Prestigious Plates auction.

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