Grand Final Fever had us kicking gooooals in the classic car market!

We give you the low down as we wrap up our mega auction that saw 41 lots sell under the hammer.

Here at Lloyds we love all sports, but especially AFL and NRL! We had Grand Final Fever, so in order to celebrate we held one massive auction event.

For the first time all our classics, including USA and European beauties, Aussie muscle, motorbikes and plates were available all in one place.

The Grand Final Fever classic car auction kicked off at 6pm on Monday night and featured more than 155 lots of everyone’s favourites from around the world. 

This included classic cars and motorcycles, plus a few unique vehicles such as a 2006 Hummer H2 Limousine, 1974 Toyota Dyna Motorhome and the famous, one-of-a-kind 6 door 1970 Ford XY Falcon Wagon. 

It was a total knockout, just like we thought it would be! We can absolutely confirm that the demand for classic cars and motorbikes continues to be stronger than ever.

Reliving the good old days or fulfilling a childhood dream is why people will never stop adoring classic cars and bikes.

The quality of classics and the culture around them really reminds people about the best parts of being on ‘Team Old School’.

Going…Going… GONE! 

Knowing the right time to harness market demand for your particular classic is always the trick. Australian cars are super hot in the classic car market right now, so if you’ve got a rare HSV Commodore in the garage, now is the time to get the ball rolling! 

Sold was the key word for this massive auction as classics were being sold under the hammer left, right and centre! Approximately 13 Holdens were sold during the online auction from our selection of Aussie muscle cars alone, including a 1977 Holden A9X Torana for $195,000.

But having four wheels was not a selling requirement as we saw a 2009 Harley Davidson VRSS06 snatched up on Monday night and all the personalised plates in the auction go to new custodians.

Is It Time To Sell Up?

But Australian market cars weren’t the only ones to hit a home run with both American and European cars reaching a great sell through rate, indicating that the demand for these international cars is extremely strong too.

When it comes to classic cars there’s so much potential to cash in. Cars in original condition, with chrome bumpers, celebrity affiliation or prominent history are the ones we see time and time again achieving great prices at auction.

This classic car auction we saw a ‘76 Chrysler Valiant Regal sell under the hammer. One of the best untouched Regals in the country, this stunner had been in the family since new and came with original sale document and logbook!

We also had huge interest in the rare ‘87 Holden Commodore VL SS Group 3 that was built for Bruno Scully and signed by Peter Brock.

The Australian Market Is Thriving

The success of this Monday night auction solidifies us here at Lloyds Auctions as a world leader in the classic car market and proves that Australian car fanatics are as passionate as any.

As shown in the last few years and particularly in 2018/19, the market is continuing to strengthen with the opportunity of owning an enjoyable investment showing strong growth.

Apart from passionate car enthusiasts, we have seen a lot of investors coming into the classic car market in the last 12 months. With low interest rates, investors are looking for a safe place to park their money for a good return… and classic and collector cars have proven to be a great investment.

Lloyds Auctions Is The Place to Sell

With the majority of Monday’s bidders being Australian, it is safe to say that enthusiasts nationwide are extremely proud and passionate people fighting to keep their beloved cars in their country where they can enjoy them.

The overwhelming interest didn’t stop on Monday either! We were inundated with phone calls throughout the weekend prior to the auction but more importantly, the day after the auction. 

Bidders were overwhelmingly keen to follow up their bids and see how they could get their offers over the line with our vendors. 

We understand our vendors’ expectations. If the auction happens to fall short of that expectation, our team go into negotiations until either it is met, or a positive outcome is achieved.

This entire after-sale process is unique to our business and proof that we go over and above to deliver a result for our clients. We are always in your corner!

The real work can often begin after the hammer drops. 24 hours after Monday night’s Grand Final Fever auction, an additional 8 cars had been added to SOLD list. We will only continue to tackle it head on and go the distance!

Have a Classic Car or item you would like sold?

We are drawing enormous bidder participation to our online auctions with ready to purchase buyers. Now is the time to sell your Classics at the highest price, to the highest bidder via Lloyds Auctions!

To discuss your options, contact our Classics Team via the following options.

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Matt has been in the valuations space for many years and has extensive experience in the space across an abundance of various industries. He now leads the valuations teams for Lloyds Auctions with a passion for encouraging his team to set and achieve high goals and produce great results for the company whilst growing the team’s skills starting with a great culture and team mindset.