Heritage Plates Set to Command Luxury Car Prices at Auction

In an upcoming auction, a rare Victorian heritage plate is poised to fetch a price exceeding that of some luxury vehicles, presenting a potentially lucrative opportunity. Similar to classic cars, the value of heritage plates has experienced a remarkable surge in the post-Covid era, with many of them achieving record-breaking sale prices at auctions.

Lloyds Auctions’ Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Lee Hames, stated, “Over the past year, we have successfully sold numerous heritage plates, including a Victorian 3-digit plate, ‘621,’ which fetched $330,000. We anticipate that the plate up for auction this weekend will command an even higher price.”

The featured plate is a Victorian 3-digit plate, ‘994,’ with an AAB combination, making it particularly desirable due to the presence of two consecutive identical numbers. It is projected to fetch between $350,000 and $400,000 when the gavel falls.

Numerous plates with excellent combinations have witnessed value increases ranging from 20% to 50%. The fewer digits a plate has, the more valuable it becomes.

Heritage plates are Australian car number plates that were introduced before license plate formats were standardized across the country in the 1950s. They hold the distinction of being the very first official number plates issued in each Australian state.

“It’s important to note that for individuals considering selling their number plates, we are specifically referring to heritage plates with fewer than 6 digits, distinct from personalized plates,” clarified Mr. Hames.

Lloyds Auctions is also featuring two other Victorian heritage plates and two Tasmanian plates in addition to the aforementioned plate.

“The heritage plate market is witnessing a significant surge, with a multitude of plates being presented at auctions and many surpassing the price of luxury vehicles,” remarked Mr. Hames. He further added, “This trend seems to align with the nostalgia-driven appreciation seen in the classic car market over recent years.”

These heritage plates are part of Lloyds’ monthly classic car auction, where over 300 cars will be up for bidding. Interested individuals can view the Victorian Heritage plate 994 and the entire classic car auction on the Lloyds Auctions website.

For further information, please visit www.lloydsauctions.com.au.

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