Is it a jet ski? is it a scooter? No, it's a Jetscooter!

Going viral on YouTube, Facebook and TV, and now going under the hammer for a good cause!

A ‘Jetscooter’ is going up for auction on Monday and its about as Gold Coast as it gets.

It’s what it sounds like… A jet ski crossed with a scooter. A video of the scooter that looks like a jet ski went viral when it hit our Gold Coast roads last year.

But what makes the Jetscooter auction really special is not only the uniqueness of the item but that it’s a charity fundraiser, with all proceeds going to Headspace.

How did it all begin?

A Broadbeach Waters man, James Sparkman is behind the ultimate DIY job. After trading tips with another adventure in Holland, James engineered the bike in a mate’s backyard.

Made from a 2003 Aprilia Mojito 150 Scooter encased in a jet ski hull, it cost $3000 to out together. But if you like attention, it was worth every cent!

While you might get some strange looks in traffic, it seems most people are pretty impressed.

People around the world have been looking to build their own version of the jet bike. But you don’t have to spend the money, time or effort… You can buy this one!

Why is the famous Jetscooter for sale?

Looked at as a piece of Gold Coast motoring art, the Jetscooter became pretty iconic, pretty quickly.

A Gold Coast Custom Motorbike Specialist saw the Jetscooter on the news and it certainly caught their eye!

Although the Jetscooter is quite different to the custom bikes they put together, what better talking piece to be hung front and centre in the business’ workshop?

So, when it came up for sale, the local business got in touch with James, snapped up the Jetscooter and told him to bring it over!

The idea was to have it mounted in the workshop, but it just sat there, and they knew they wouldn’t have the chance to put it up on the wall anytime soon.

As the business donates to charity every month, the obvious answer was to partner with Lloyds Auctions to auction the Jetscooter and raise money for Headspace.

They thought that if everyone can have a bit of fun and we can raise a little bit of money, then it’s probably a good little project to take on.

Headspace provides amazing mental health support and education to 12 – 25 year olds, something that is very close to the local business’ heart and that their team at work feels passionately about.

Therefore, this lot in our fortnightly Motorbike, Marine and Recreation auction is UNRESERVED and will have no buyer’s premium or seller’s commission attached to it so all the proceeds can go directly to Headspace.

What can I do with it?

With a bit of TLC this unique beauty will be up and running again in no time. With only 7,860 kilometres on the clock, there is plenty of life let in her still!

The Jetscooter reaches speeds of up to 90 kilometres an hour, but it doesn’t go on water. That could be a version 2.0 feature!

It is registered to be ridden on the road under the modified motorbike category but will have to be reregistered by the new owner… Which might get you some bemused looks from Queensland Transport!

This really is the ultimate talking piece for a mancave or even a piece for a quirky business. A real attention grabber, the Jetscooter appeals to marine enthusiasts as well as the auto industry. It would be the most epic thing to stick on the roof of your shop!

The Jetscooter went under the hammer at 10am Monday 3rd June

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