It’s about time diamonds got a little more inclusive!

We explore the hottest diamond trend in 2019 and why you should jump on board…

Things are really changing in the engagement ring world. For decades the dream has been a perfect, white sparkly diamond solitaire sitting pretty on the wedding finger.

But lately the trends have been showing that some couples these days are more environmentally conscious and opting for a created diamond, some are looking for vintage or antique rings and some are ditching the diamond completely and heading for coloured gemstones instead!

But what if we told you that you could get a more environmentally conscious and unique looking diamond like nothing you have seen before?

These diamonds have always been seen as ‘flawed’ and therefore, undesirable. But the popularity of salt and pepper diamonds is quickly on the rise.

Also known as galaxy diamonds, celestial diamonds or earth diamonds, they are the perfect combo of rarity, value, character and durability, while still keeping a lot of the classic diamond ring feel.

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and pepper diamonds are normal white diamonds that are speckled with tiny black and white flecks.

Jewellers have traditionally turned their nose up at a diamond with such heavy inclusions, but they are now embracing this interesting alternative to traditional diamonds.

But remember, just about every diamond comes with flaws and inclusions of all shapes, sizes and colours. It’s just that they are not always visible to the naked eye.

Salt and pepper diamonds have visible inclusions like white spots, black carbon spots, feathers, cracks, clouds or chips. These inclusions can give the diamond an overall grey or blue tone and can make the diamond less sparkly than a classic clear stone.

The Look

Basically, a salt and pepper diamond doesn’t sparkle because less light is able to be refracted through its interior. But get some salt and pepper diamonds under the right light and they will still glisten and flash.

However, the real beauty of salt and pepper diamonds comes in their uniqueness. Quite literally no two will ever be visually the same. Quite different to the usual, stunningly perfect, white and shiny stones we normally see in diamond jewellery.

What’s more, salt and pepper diamonds are not graded like traditional diamonds. The 4 C’s (cut, colour, clarity and carat weight) are not taken into account. Salt and pepper diamonds are cut raw or in a rose cut.

The rose cut is a timeless shape dating back to the 1500s and features a large surface area. This is usually idea for salt and pepper diamonds because it helps show off their brilliance.

Style and Occasion

But salt and pepper diamonds come in about any shape and size and pattern when cut raw, which leaves a lot of flexibility within the design process. Or you can get a solitaire stone in a classic cut like cushion, round, oval, or pear which will be clean and timeless.

There is no one way to wear a salt and pepper ring. While these rings have become incredibly popular as engagement rings, they can be just as gorgeous as a dress ring.

The unique look and personality of salt and pepper diamonds means they are able to fit any type of occasion.

Salt and pepper diamonds force you to notice and appreciate the beauty in a ‘flawed’ object. Imagine that as the symbolism in your engagement ring… Loving someone no matter what their flaws may be and then seeing past them to the beauty.

Affordability and Environmental Impact

Because a salt and pepper diamond is still a diamond, it has the highly desirable strength and longevity that diamonds are renowned for.

This makes them the perfect stone for a piece of jewellery that is worn daily like an engagement ring. In order to get a distinctive look, you won’t have to sacrifice the durability of a diamond.

Plus, because these diamonds are less rare than more traditional diamonds, their price points can also be more affordable.  This is a great way to get the resilience of a diamond at a great price.

This also why they are more environmentally friendly as they don’t have to be mined so intensely to be found. As salt and pepper diamonds come rough-hewn and raw, they save much more time and resources than mining traditional diamonds.

Other Unique Alternatives

Parti Sapphires are the same as a normal sapphire in all ways except in colour. As they are forming in the earth, different elements that are present will cause different colours to appear within the stone.

Colours can include all shades of blues, greens and yellows. Sometimes a sapphire will proudly display all three of these colours, but more often it will be just two!

Sapphires are very hard gems that are suitable for all kinds of jewellery, including rings. Second in hardness only to a diamond, they are an excellent choice for longevity.

Just like the smaller than usual apples that everybody avoids at the supermarket with no good explanation, salt and pepper diamonds are just as good as their white counterparts. But for some strange reason they have been overlooked… Until now!

Keep an eye out in our Jewellery auctions for these little things of beauty! They come around now and again but as their popularity grows, hopefully so will our stock!

Fancy a bit more seasoning in your life? Be on top of all jewellery auctions we have so you can keep an eye out for these flavourful salt and pepper diamonds!

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