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Discover why investing in fine jewellery over fashion jewellery is the better option

If your beauty is the cake, surely your choice of jewellery is the icing on top? Buying new jewellery can be such a cheap and easy thrill. Fashion jewellery is a great way to stay on the pulse of the latest fashion trends.

Fashion jewellery purchases are usually of the impulse kind and you know that it’s not a “forever” piece.

But perhaps it’s time for you to consider levelling up your jewellery collection and making more conscious purchases of fine jewellery.

Investment pieces like diamond studs, bangle bracelets, and pendant necklaces will last a lifetime and will be something you will love and treasure forever. And so will your daughters, nieces and granddaughters.

Investment is the key word

Why spend exorbitant amounts of money on trendy clothing when you can make real investments in something that you’ll love for the rest of your life?

If you add up all the money you have spent on “throw away” fashion jewellery pieces over the last few years, you could have bought a gorgeous, quality piece of fine jewellery for the same price.

If you buy a quality piece of jewellery made from a precious metal like gold, white gold or platinum, it will last for generations to come!

The saying “Diamonds are forever” doesn’t come from nowhere, you know! Look for high quality 9ct or 18ct yellow gold, white gold or platinum and invest in hard wearing gems like diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

Invest in your present happiness AND your future and be always be glad for your decision!


Investing in quality over quantity is much better for the environment and our planet. A single, more enduring, purchase, is much more sustainable than multiple cheap pieces that get binned after a short time.

‘Slow fashion’ means buying valuable materials that do not go down in value or out of style as time goes by, eliminating the chance of them being thrown away.

Go for gold, diamonds and natural stones! These are highly precious materials that do not fade or lose value over time and won’t end up in landfill.

Never go out of style

Don’t buy what’s in fashion right this very moment as it may not be there for very long! Instead buy classic pieces that will always make you feel good.

The last thing you want is to feel awful if you drop your expensive piece of fine jewellery at an op shop in two years or hand it over to your two-year-old to play dress-up in two weeks…

A mass produced piece of fashion jewellery will be worn by thousands upon thousands of women and become very boring.

Choose a distinct, classic piece of fine jewellery that will become part of your signature style. These are the pieces of jewellery that can upgrade your casual outfit to something special and make you feel completely put together.

Choose pieces that look great layered together so you can change up your look simply by adding or subtracting a few items.

When you purchase high-quality jewellery, you are not only making an investment in your own style, but also purchasing a piece that can be passed down to the next generation.


Often it seems to be the man doing the buying of the fine jewellery as women can sometimes find it strange buying it for themselves.

With the bridal connotations of diamonds and the connection of fine jewellery to birthdays and anniversaries, it can feel tricky.

But don’t let it limit you! Diamonds are a fashionable girl’s best friend.

Start with earrings as they are a good initial fine jewellery purchase. No collection should be complete without a classic pair of studs and a pair of hoop earrings.

And when it comes to special occasions like birthdays or other important life milestones, save up and buy YOURSELF something to celebrate.

It’s a good way to pace yourself and in doing so, you will create a collection that has value, both financial and sentimental.

Where to buy good quality jewellery

Investing in quality jewellery doesn’t have to mean spending your whole pay cheque (or more) on one single item.

It’s totally possible to find forever pieces for less than retail price through one of our auctions, particularly our brand new Multimillion Dollar Prestige Jewellery Auction.

Prestige jewellery is intriguing elegance and grace; the top shelf of the jewellery world.

Our brand new, monthly Multimillion Dollar Prestige Jewellery Auction features high end pieces from loose pink diamonds to Rolex watches so you can easily find the best pieces we have to offer.

This curated auction encompasses our highest quality jewellery from Queensland and New South Wales to create the jewellery auction you have been waiting for.

With nationwide shipping available, there has never been a better place to pick up the most beautiful bargains than Lloyds Auctions!

Think of high end, quality jewellery much like some people think of art. Buy it now, enjoy it now and have it forever.

Best of all, prestige jewellery will give you confidence. Don’t feel nervous, out of sorts, or sloppy, because the women who wear the finest pieces of jewellery are never nervous, out of sorts, or sloppy.

They’re elegant, substantial, and powerful.

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