Make the Christmas washing LOADS easier this year

Why a new fridge, washing machine or oven could make all the difference this Christmas.

We are now down to the nitty gritty when it comes to Christmas. There are only five days left to get organised.

Over the last 12 weeks we have helped you with preparation, planning and gift guides to make this silly (we really mean stressful) season as smooth sailing as possible.

But with only a mere matter of days most people will be flooded by family, friends, food and festivities. While you may not be thinking about it now, bigger (or even extra), appliances and whitegoods will come in handy over the holiday period.

We have put together a list of last minute must-haves for this Christmas.


Induction cooktops not only heat up much faster, but their temperature controls are also far more precise.

While there might not be time to get a new cooktop installed before cooking the Christmas brunch bacon, this could be the ultimate gift.

If you have a keen chef in your household or have young children, an induction cooktop is much safer, faster and more efficient than gas or electric hobs.

Imagine all the extra laundry that comes with all the extra guests in your house over the silly season…

Investing in an extra washing machine from our whitegoods auctions could be the affordable answer to your washing prayers. Even something small like an 8.5kg top loader will be a big help!

Wash the Christmas tablecloths and all the beach towels in one swift go.


Upright Fridge

But even if laundry is not on your list of worries, surely more fridge space is absolute necessity for making it through the holidays happy?

Remember, having a fridge in the garage dedicated to drinks leaves more space in your kitchen fridge for the ham, turkey, salads and trifle!


But what about trying to cook the chicken and ham at the same time? One of the best parts about Christmas is the big spread of food, of course!

Make sure your food arrives at the table piping hot and all at the same time by investing in a new Westinghouse Double Oven that features dual zone cooking with individual temperature and time settings.


Keep the kitchen tidy and organised and have a cold glass of wine while you’re at it with a wine storage cabinet.

Holding 50 bottles, that’s plenty of bubbles for a Christmas champagne breakfast and more than enough bottles of white for dinner.

Before you know it, you will have a kitchen that is as good as brand new and the ultimate Christmas pressie to yourself!

If being swallowed up by a pile of laundry is your worst nightmare then you should stretch the budget a bit and invest in a stunning TwinTasker Front Load Washing Machine.

Featuring 30 different washing programs, this is the perfect assistant for your Christmas laundry rush plus it has great water ratings for those who are experiencing drought this summer.

Take care of Dad’s dress up Santa Suit, the kids’ swimmers and the dog blanket all at the same time!

Whether it’s to avoid physically vacuuming as much as possible or just to see your pet ride around on top of one, who hasn’t dreamed of having one of these?

This would be the perfect Christmas Day weapon to combat the kids dropping food on the floor, the dog hair and the rogue pieces of wrapping and packaging that escape the rubbish bag.

Or you could gift someone the freedom of not having to vacuum for Christmas. We think that’s the best gift there is!

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