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Have you noticed the buzz around portable buildings? There’s a big shift happening – and it’s all about movability in construction. This may refer to demountable structures, industrial living quarters, or even shipping containers. You may have heard about exciting new trends in minimal living or noticed that more people are living smarter. Maybe someone you know has added a granny flat to their existing property? Whatever the application, a portable building may offer the solution.

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These structures can offer cheaper and more flexible alternatives to traditional building and construction methods, particularly for applications such as portable accommodation units and site offices. Or, they could function as a studio or workshop, a gym/medical unit, a laundry unit/toilet block, an extra bedroom/granny flat or even an entire house! When done correctly, demountable buildings such as Atco Huts maximise function without any compromise on style or space. They are all about freedom and flexibility.

There are some marked benefits of using dongas as living quarters. When used as a granny flat, an existing transportable building can quickly and easily bring some positive changes to your lifestyle and finances. The obvious benefit is that you can pretty much ditch the mortgage! Sure, you may need to pay for a parcel of land to park your second hand portable cabin on, nevertheless, you’ll cut down years on the loan term you would otherwise owe when it comes to a traditional house.

Already a property owner? The situation with a granny flat is still 100 percent win/win. Granny flats are a solid source of income, often commanding returns of as much as $350 per week when made available for tenancy in major cities and towns. How you use this extra income is up to you. A smart option is to use it to help you pay down your existing mortgage at a faster rate.

Thus, a portable building (as a ready-made granny flat solution) is an instant ‘Bunsen Burner, nice little earner’. If you don’t know what this means exactly, I will put it plainly –  you secure your financial freedom into the future without much effort or outlay at all.

Portable buildings are also a great way to add whatever you need to your home or business quickly and easily.  Why wait out a lengthy and messy construction period?  Why have all those fights with your significant other while you live in the home you are trying to renovate? Camp out in comfortable demountable buildings instead. Instantly an extra bedroom, a site office, cribb room or even a gym! A prefabricated, modular building is the perfect way to achieve results with minimal fuss, mess and wait time.

Furthermore, relocatables provide a great option for people who live in a state of flux and enjoy the ability to be able to chop and change at short notice. They are great for the spontaneous and the free spirited. After all, if you need to move you can take a portable building along with you – just like a tortoise takes it shell.  Alternatively, you can easily sell it onwards. That certainly beats dealing with pesky real estate agents!

The sky is the limit when it comes to extra accommodation. It’s about challenging assumptions. Some of the fantastic things that have been achieved with shipping containers must literally be seen to be believed! They are a testament to creative design – with no sacrifice on style or comfort. For some great inspiration just type ‘tiny house movement’ into your internet search bar.

It doesn’t matter what chapter you are at in your life. If you need to upsize, a portable building can add room for a new arrival –  or, perhaps space for your home office. If you feel the need to descale and declutter than a portable building is the perfect solution. In short, portable buildings are the inexpensive and practical way to achieve your lifestyle goals.

Interested in buying a portable building of your own? Lloyds Auctions run regular portable camp facilities auctions, catering to wide range of buyers from mums & dads to construction workers and the mining industry alike.

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