A very rare and original L34 SLR 5000 TORANA is going up for auction this weekend being 1 of 6 only in its special order colour for Bob Jane Southern Motors.

“As we have seen over the last few months due to the closure of Holden manufacturing in Australia, people are looking to preserve the history and story of Holden by collecting and cherishing these vehicles where we are seeing their values increase with broken records across the nation,” said Mr. Lee Hames Chief Operations Officer for Lloyds Auctions.

“This is a very special L34 Torana and extremely rare, a fantastic opportunity for a Holden collector or enthusiast to own a piece of Holden history,” said Mr. Hames.

The 1974 Holden is 1 of 6 that was a special order by Bob Jane Southern Motors having ordered it in the colour ‘Sebring’ orange with the car still showing in original condition.

The vehicle is amongst over 160 other vehicles to go to auction this weekend in a LIVE event happening in Lloyds new facility in Sydney.

“The classic car market is stronger than ever, particularly Holdens and that’s why we have recently expanded into a larger facility in Sydney where this Torana along with many others will go under the hammer this weekend,” said Mr. Hames.

Australian, American and European classics amongst some prestige & luxury vehicles will be going under the hammer this weekend. The auction is LIVE in Sydney or you can watch LIVE online via the Lloyds website or Facebook page.

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