Sleep as snug as a bug in a rug

Why it’s so important to buy a new mattress right now!

It’s no secret that us humans spend a third of our lives asleep and most of it is done in the comfort (or not so comfort) of our own bed.

If you’re going to spend such a huge amount of time on a mattress, you’ve got to make it count!

Research shows that around 1 in 3 Australians suffer from poor quality sleep and one major factor that contributes to this, is the mattress.

If you find that you’re not sleeping well at home, or even worse… you sleep much better away from home, then you definitely need to take a closer look at your own mattress.

A good mattress won’t wake you up during the night, instead, it will provide you with great comfort and a peaceful slumber.

A mattress plays a very important role in your life, not just at night while you’re sleeping, but while you’re awake too!

Obviously once you start waking up during the night, you will have less energy in the morning. Also obvious is the fact that if you wake up in pain, then your current mattress needs to be replaced!

Just an extra hour or two of sound, peaceful sleep will have a dramatic impact on your life. It will give you the ability to start each day refreshed and at the top of your game. Think of buying a new mattress as an investment, an investment in your health and happiness!

How do you know when to buy a new mattress?

To begin with, it should be common knowledge that we need to get a new mattress every 7 or 8 years.

Regardless of whether it looks or feels like you need a new one, the life span of any mattress is certainly no more than a decade. If used regularly, a mattress may have deteriorated by as much as 75% from its original condition!

Living in a tropical environment, especially an area such as the Gold Coast, there is a lot of moisture and pollen in the air which can get caught in the material of your mattress. And because it’s so hot, you can lose as much as 500mls of moisture a night that goes directly into your mattress.

Mattresses can be covered in mould, dust, dead skin follicles and microorganisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Small bugs and microscopic organisms can also live in your mattress and you could be totally unaware!

These allergens can easily accumulate in your mattress as time goes by causing you to sneeze and cough and can seriously aggravate allergies and asthma.

But there are also more noticeable symptoms of a mattress that needs to be replaced with a new one.

Some mattresses will have springs that creak and squeak as you shuffle around trying to get comfy. This is not normal!

Any visible sagging spots, indents where you lay, or areas on the surface of the mattress that appear or feel uneven mean it’s time to ditch your mattress. You shouldn’t be able to feel the springs either!

If any of this applies to you and your mattress then it’s time to make a new one a priority.

But why do we sleep?

What is the point of sleeping? Why is it so important to get a good sleep?

Well the short answer is, scientists simply just don’t know. Its been a mystery for as long as we’ve lived. It makes us very vulnerable and susceptible to attacks so it must be pretty important if we humans keep doing it!

In simple terms, researchers believe you sleep in order to enable your body, especially your brain, to recover. Sleep is understood to be the time where the cells in your body repair themselves from the damage caused during waking hours.

You are helping your body rest and conserve energy by sleeping, as your lungs and heart don’t work as hard as when you’re awake. You are giving your organs a chance to recharge!

As you sleep, your short-term memories that you created throughout the day are transferred to your long-term memory. You will find you can retain information a lot better when you’ve had a good night’s sleep!

Not being able to sleep well can also affect your moods during the day. Some of us become very irritable, snappy, or just plain uninterested if we haven’t had a decent enough sleep. Productivity and creativity are also compromised when your natural sleep rhythms are interrupted throughout the night.

How to go about getting a new mattress

It’s obviously important to keep on top of your mattress’ life cycle and its effectiveness. Know when it’s time to swap it out!

Think about what size mattress you need when buying a new one. It might be time to switch it up.

You can gain quite a bit of bedroom space and save some money by downsizing from a super king to a king or queen mattress. If the kids are no longer climbing on you to snuggle on Sunday mornings, then downsizing could be a good move for you!

Or maybe you’re moving out on your own, and it’s time for something bigger than your childhood single bed!

Whatever you choose, don’t think of your purchase as an expense. Rest assured that buying a new mattress will be a cherished investment and it will give you a more comfortable and healthier night’s rest.

But you should never pay an extremely steep price for a mattress because a new mattress doesn’t do you much good if you can no longer afford to pay your rent!

If you’re looking for an affordable, yet high end mattress, we have you covered. The AIRSOFT Limited Black Edition mattress is commercial grade. It is of exceptional quality, finished with stunning durable knitted fabric reserved for only the very best. It is the ultimate in comfort and the pathway to a heavenly sleep.

With a seven-layer system, advancement in materials and pocket coil technology, the Black Edition offers exceptional back support and pressure relief.

Our seven-layer mattress structure is gel memory foam for comfort, encased compressed foam and loft fibre for heat release, supported by 5 zones of 18cm high pocket springs, then finished with a durable and ornate knitted fabric.

This mattress is beautiful, extremely comfortable and comes in a range of sizes from single to king. Found in Lloyds Auctions, Australia wide, we have a mattress for everyone!

If you’re not having a good night or sleeping tight, then sign up for our email alerts and know when our mattress auctions are near you!

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