Summer bodies are created in winter!

We have everything you need to get that shredded bod you’re after!

Are you known for putting on perhaps a little too much winter weight? While it’s nice to be warm and cosy, comfort eating and hibernating through the colder months it is only going to pack on the pounds quicker!

If you want to stay healthy or shed a few kilos in 2019 then you need to check out our online auctions.

We have everything you need to go from flabs to abs this winter! After all, beach bodies are built in winter!


Insurance Claim Stock comes in all shapes sizes

As you may have seen over the last year or so, we have been getting more and more insurance claim stock here at Lloyds Auctions.

You may have seen large appliances, electronics and even aquariums in our insurance claim auctions. But insurance stock is not limited to homewares!

We receive gym and sporting gear from insurance claims from major retailers too. Everything from Brand New Performance Cycling gear to top of the line protein powders! 


This weekend will be a workout for bidders!

We actually have two amazing auctions coming up this weekend that encompass just this! Both coming from the same vendor, the Commercial Gym Equipment Auction and $100K Brand New Performance Cycling Auction feature more than 20 brand new Performance Cycles and over 240 lots of brand new fitness gear. 

Although subject of a water damage insurance claim, the well-known Italian Bianchi Performance Bicycles are still in their boxes that show very minimal signs of damage. 

Famous for their timeless beauty morphed with the latest cutting edge technology, these bikes are as capable at a weekend bunch ride as a UCI World Tour race stage.

The 66 lots of protein powder and weight gain powder are also part of the water damage claim but in saying that, the powder is in sealed plastic bags that are untouched inside their plastic bucket containers.


Get the professional gear for an unexpected price

Alongside these powders, you will find a huge range of gym equipment that is NOT part of the insurance claim, nor is it second hand. Brand new and in mint condition, this gear is perfect for creating your dream home gym set up or businesses looking for a complete fitness fit out! 

We have even had interest from professional Gold Coast athletes and teams wanting to snap up this gym gear straight off our floor! They know that brand new quality products like this go for an absolute bargain here at Lloyds, much cheaper than at a retail store! 

The Commercial Gym Equipment Auction features everything from weights and exercise machines to foam rollers and Swiss balls. There are even lots containing active wear and gym clothes for looking your best while you sweat your butt off! 

Have all the gear and the bright ideas 

So, whether it is slimming down, bulking up or just gaining some fitness and strength you are wanting, you need to keep an eye on our website! As you can see, we have two mega auctions of sports gear on one incredible day this weekend. 

We are the ideal solution for sports teams, gym franchises or fitness companies looking for bulk lots of equipment at discount rates. Or even for average Joe to become active Joe in the comfort of his own home!

Never skip leg day and never miss one of our sport and recreation auctions!
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