The Lloyds bus is coming and everybody’s jumping!

Why buying a bus will help you go the extra mile.

Many of us dreamed of buying a bus as a kid. Some admired our school bus driver and wanted to be just like our hero when we grew up. Others wanted to live in one, to relish in the freedom of being able to live in any location we want.

With so many different styles of buses, it’s safe to say most of us will spend some time in one this year. Whether it’s for work or for pleasure, the main goal is for it to be safe, comfortable and reliable, to get you where you need to go!

This makes quality buses a high demand item these days!

Types of buses

Buses fit a large range of requirements and can range from 12 seaters right up to a 60 seater!

There are a variety of bus manufacturers including more familiar vehicle manufacturer names such as Mercedes, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Volvo and Isuzu. 

They start with minibuses and go right through to long haul, triple axle luxury coaches. A minibus is generally classed as a 10 to 16 seater vehicle that can look like a large van.

If you have a large 24 seater vehicle you can basically carry the whole sports team. Tow a small trailer behind it and you can carry all the gear and luggage as well!

You may also have heard of a bendy bus, otherwise known as an articulated bus! This is commonly used for public transport as it can literally bend around the tight city street corners.

A double-decker is a bus that has two storeys or decks. Double-deckers are most commonly used for mass transport in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. The most famous and iconic double-decker that people all over the world recognise is a red London bus!

Whatever you need to do and wherever you need to go, there will be a bus to take you there!

What to do with a bus

Of course, when most people think of a bus, they think of a school bus! If you owned a charter bus company, you could charter coach buses for school runs or excursions, to pick up and drop off students.

Servicing the mining industry is another popular use for buses in Australia. Because mines are usually in remote locations, long haul bus trips are required to take mining employees out to the mine sites and back home at the end of the day.

There are buses for all occasions, right down to the transport task we don’t often think of as a classic bus scenario. Tasks like small airport transfer bus/vans, or a 12 person commuter bus acting as a courtesy vehicle for local events, communities, clubs and pubs.

There are also some ‘non-conventional’ ways to use a bus that is becoming increasingly popular lately. If you want your passengers to have more fun and entertaining experience, then start a party bus company! These large motor vehicle, dedicated to entertaining passengers while in transit, are usually derived from conventional buses. These buses are modified to often include onboard bars, dance poles, music & light systems, etc. Cruising with music pumping, funky lights flashing and party drinking games; what a great way for getting a group of people to their destination in style, whilst also being entertained in transit!

You can also convert a bus into a motorhome! Stripping the bus down of its passenger seats opens up the space for adding in beds, couches, a dining area and even a full kitchen and bathroom! It’s a fantastic project that would bring you so much satisfaction and pride.

There are so many benefits of travelling around Australia in a large motorhome made from a used bus!

Where to buy a bus

Lloyds Auctions are holding an auction on behalf of Stonestreets Coaches, offering a full fleet of assorted buses and coaches that have reached the end of their major contracts.

The fleet is being restructured and their quality buses are now surplus to Stonestreets’ requirements.

The majority of these buses up for auction are late models from 2012 to 2016. There will be over 40 buses for sale from over 9 different manufacturers. They come in all shapes and sizes so there is sure to be a model to suit your needs, style and budget!

Bus charter companies, schools, colleges & sporting teams, airport transfer companies and even the mining companies themselves should be on the lookout for a bus to meet their needs from us here at Lloyds Auctions!

So make sure to sign up for alerts using the form below and be notified when these auctions are online!

Why buy a Stonestreets bus

Firstly, Stonestreets in Toowoomba, Queensland are renowned for having an extremely good quality late model fleet. All of their buses are extremely well serviced, well looked after and well presented.

Unlike other buses that might come off the end of a contract and are getting tired, these buses are immaculate and have very reasonable kilometres on the clock. A Stonestreets bus could go into any bus company and be the pride of the fleet!

Stonestreets do all their own in-house servicing and detailing plus their buses get cleaned every day! Because of the great care and pride taken in them, these buses scream reliability, comfort and style!

Some of Stonestreets’ bigger buses certainly count as luxury coaches and would cost close to $800,000 to replace. This is a multi-million dollar bus fleet that is coming up for auction so make sure to register for alerts below!

If you can get a good contract (especially a government based one) for the vehicle you have purchased, then it can provide a steady and guaranteed income. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking 30 people or 60 people, you still get paid for the trip.

In terms of an industry, the charter bus industry is one that’s really stood the test of time as there is always a good demand and need for this kind of mass transport, especially in Australia as the cities are spread so far apart.

No matter what your people transporting needs, buses can service them and they will never go out of style!


An opportunity like this doesn’t come around often so it’s best to act now!

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