The STEAKS have been raised!

Another iconic Hog’s Breath Cafe is closing down…

It all started in Airlie Beach, North Queensland in 1989… The first Hog’s Breath Café opened its doors on what was a journey to becoming one of the most iconic restaurant names in Australasia.

But sadly, the doors are closing on yet another one of these famous steakhouses in Queensland.

Hog’s Breath Café in Indooroopilly, Brisbane is closing down after more than a decade in the business of serving the best steak in town with a side of the famous “Hogspitality”.

Having been sent into liquidation, the big-name Brisbane restaurant has chosen to sell their kitchen stock and distinctive décor through us here at Lloyds Auctions.

What makes this auction different to our last Hog’s Breath Closure is the sheer volume of amazing memorabilia it features! Over 100 lots of it, in fact!

Don’t go hogging all the good stuff in this UNRESERVED auction!

The Hog’s Memorabilia

This is your chance to pick up a piece of Indooroopilly history, with a bit of Americana thrown in. Think stars and stripes, Marilyn Monroe and old school Hollywood.

This is alongside the old school, Australian style that Hog’s Breath is known for. You bet you can find vintage sports gear, motorsport memorabilia and model planes and trains up for grabs in this auction!

If this was your favourite family restaurant then you can carry on the celebrations and family occasions surrounded by the same rustic pieces, but now in your home!

This auction is especially good for decking out a mancave! Memorabilia specific to the cave dweller’s interest is a great way to make the room feel more personal.

Whether it’s classic number plates, a music or sports star memento, or a movie poster, memorabilia is often a cool and funky way to bring colour and personality to the space!

Artwork of cars, cartoon characters, or funny quotes and signs are also good ways to bring some laughter and joy to the humble abode for the dudes!

Some of the memorabilia in this UNRESERVED Hog’s Breath Closure auction is also very collectable from brands such as Coca-Cola, Shell Motor Oil and Australian icon, Arnott’s Biscuits. These could be great personal purchases or a handy investment!

The Hog’s Hospitality and Catering

But maybe cool stuff for your home isn’t what you’re interested in? This is the perfect opportunity to snag some kitchen, catering and hospitality gear for a small start-up or existing business.

Whether it’s a food truck, a café or a busy restaurant, there is something here that would suit any kitchen.

Everything, from plates and cutlery through to commercial microwaves, salamanders, deep fryers, dishwashers and freezers are ready for a new home!

Nothing has been missed, even the office supplies, cleaning products and TVs are going under the hammer and could be a great help to starting up a business of any kind!

Perhaps there is some more stuff that would be pretty awesome hanging out in your home… And no, we are not talking about the washing machine and dryer or the blenders and chef knives!

There are over 30 bulk lots of unopened bottles of alcohol including beer, wine and spirits. There are also bulk lots of non-alcoholic juices and soft drinks too, this could be the perfect time to start stocking up for a birthday or Christmas party!

An opportunity like this doesn’t come around often so it’s best to act now! Forgetting this auction would be a huge missed steak. 😉

These Hog’s Breath Café goods go under the hammer on Monday 13th of May 2019 at 6:30pm.

Our food industry auctions go absolutely bananas!

We have worked with food service establishments from all over the country with well-known names as well as high-end restaurants such as Jo Jo’s in Brisbane.

We are the preferred choice for big brands such as Hog’s Breath Café and have been entrusted with their stock as we have years of experience in the hospitality and catering industries.

Our weekly Hospitality and Commercial Catering auction brings in so much interest and a great audience for this type of sale. The demand for more quality gear is high so get involved if its time for you to upgrade, downsize or even close your doors!

Have you got any commercial catering or hospitality you are looking to sell?

We can make it easy as pie for you!

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