Ex Council Vehicles

These are the best second-hand cars you can get your hands on…

Ex-Council vehicles and why you need to snap them up when you see them!

Ex-Council vehicles are very popular with bidders and for good reason! There are so many benefits of buying from the local council through auction, it’s easy to see why the cars have become such hot property.

Keep your eyes peeled for these high profile auctions, let us tell you why…

Ex Council Vehicles

Every vehicle is bought brand new from a reputable company

Some of the big vehicle names that the Council invest in include Holden, Ford, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Nissan.

The last thing Council workers need is to buy a heap of clunkers and be stuck on the side of the road in the rain… Actually, that’s the last thing anyone wants!

Buying in bulk from these trustworthy manufacturers means the Council are confident in their reliability and that the vehicles come with great warranties too. This means the resale value is also high as the public appreciates these qualities too!

There are a lot of vehicles to choose from

There is a huge range of ex-Council vehicles all the way from utes to light trucks and commercial trucks. Then there are the parking inspector cars, which are generally little hatchbacks.

They also go right up to the likes of Range Rovers, so there really is an ex-Council vehicle for everyone’s needs and styles!

If someone’s looking for a first car for someone, ex-Council vehicles are very suitable… especially the little parking inspector cars for teenagers! They are generally a little Hyundai i20 or Kia Rio hatchback, the perfect size for zipping around town which means no more school drop offs!

For the hunters, fishers and tradies comes a range of ex-council utes. There is everything including lifeguard utes, which are generally great for off roading and finding that perfect fishing spot.

Ex Council Vehicles
Ex Council Vehicles

99% of the time the vehicles will be less than 5 years old

The Council is constantly refreshing their vehicle fleets, so they have auctions to re-home all makes and models of their surplus vehicles!

Because the auctions are so regular, there are rarely vehicles up for grabs that are more than a few years old. These auctions certainly aren’t the place to pick up a classic!

The Council wants to make sure the vehicles are as valuable as possible to those buying them and then they also get the highest return possible.

For example, a 2013 Mitsubishi Triton gets a better return than one that’s ten years old. If the Council must upgrade anyway, sooner is better than later in order to benefit the re-selling process and the lucky bidder who wins!

The vehicles have been serviced more than regularly

The Council takes great pride in their fleet of vehicles and are always looking after them to the highest standard.

Everything from servicing to repairs is done by the book so the vehicles are constantly in mint condition, including when they go under hammer with us!

Services are either carried out by the direct car dealership and manufacturer that the vehicle was originally purchased from or its serviced in-house at the Council by their own professional car technicians.

All the services are logged and often, the service history reports for vehicles are made available for keen bidders.

Ex Council Vehicles
Ex Council Vehicles

Vehicles will also have very low kilometres for their age

The majority of ex-Council vehicles are only driven on weekdays. That’s right, cars can work Monday to Friday too!

Most of the parking inspector cars have only about 30,000 or 40,000 kms on the clock by the time they reach auction because parking inspectors drive around the parking areas a few hundred meters at a time.

The parking inspector gets out and walks around to find the parkers that have outstayed their welcome and then goes back to the car and moves it another few hundred metres!

Council vehicles are only driven in the local area from site to site or up and down beaches, so it takes a long time for them to rack up their kilometres!

Here at Lloyds we are very privileged to be entrusted to auction surplus equipment, machinery and vehicles from local Councils!

The Council choose to auction with us because they need to move a lot of stock. Basically, they’re looking to get maximum returns for their items in an easy and simple manner which we provide. We provide a fantastic service that’s hassle free and we get some great results.

But not only do we provide a great service for the Council, the ex-council auctions also provide excellent opportunities for you to grab a great quality car for a great price!

There are many pros to buying ex-council vehicles, so when you see them, make sure you snap them up!

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