Want to be an expert couch potato?

How to choose the best lounge for your space!

The piece of furniture that goes by many names; couch, sofa, settee, or most commonly in Australia, a lounge.

It is one of the biggest and most important pieces of furniture you will ever buy.

They’re also up there with the most expensive…But think of it more as an investment! Everything in your lounge room revolves around it.

Your lounge is often the gathering point for the whole family, and where quality time and relaxation take place.

There are questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to investing in a new lounge to make sure you get the perfect piece!

Some good things to consider are how many people it needs to seat, the size of your living room and what style your other furniture is.

We will take you through everything to take into account when choosing a new lounge.


The first thing you need to think about is what size your new lounge should be. Get out the tape measure where your new lounge needs to fit. It should fill the space but not be too overcrowded!

Don’t forget to also measure any doors, hallways and staircases the lounge will have to fit through in order to make it to its new home. Particularly if you live in an apartment or an older home with small passageways!

If things are going to be tight then you may need to go for a lounge with removable legs or one that breaks down into sections to make it easier to deliver.

These days, sofas come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  If you have a particularly small space such as an inner-city apartment, you should try to look for a 72-inch “apartment-size” sofa. It seats two people and is still long enough for napping, which we know is an important requirement!

But if you have a big family or a few housemates, then a large sectional or modular lounge is the way to go. It is important that everyone is able to sit down together at the same time, as lifestyle is just as important as looks!

If you often have people to stay overnight and don’t have a spare bedroom, sofa beds could be the answer to your prayers. You would never know it was there, until you whip off the cushions and pop up a bed with nearly no effort!

Two seater lounges are good for people who live alone or for cramming multiple kids on! Pair one with an ottoman and two adults can lounge with their feet up, no problem.

But if you can comfortably fit a three seater lounge, then this is the best option! Pop in a large coffee table and easily please guests or lie down and relax on your three seater lounge after a stressful day of work. That’s what it’s there for!

Colour and Material

The colour and pattern of your new lounge will have the biggest impact on your living room, so it is something to choose carefully!

The safest option is obviously choosing a neutral colour that will be more or less timeless. Neutral colours include beige, grey, taupe, black, cream or white.

The recommend choice is a grey coloured lounge as it is considered the chameleon of lounges. Grey can range from pale to dark charcoal colours which can be sophisticated, comfortable, cool or crisp.

If you are worried about a grey couch being too “boring”, don’t forget you can jazz it up with coloured cushions, throw rugs and surrounding accessories. These little pops of colour give your living room that pulled-together look.

This also extends the life of your lounge as it probably won’t go out of fashion quickly. A bright or patterned lounge can be funky, until your taste and style changes completely!

It’s a lot easier to buy colourful throw pillows and replace those than it is to buy an entirely new couch!

When it comes to fabric, it’s a lot more about function than look. If your lounge will be by a window, it could be best to choose a synthetic fabric as natural materials may fade in strong sunlight.

Removable cushion covers are worth investigating, as they can be suitable for machine washing.

If you have children or pets to factor in, then your suitable fabric choices will be different.

Find a fabric that is easy to clean. While a velvet lounge seems luxe and cosy, it can be incredibly hard to clean and end up stained.

Leather is a good option for families with kids as it can be wiped clean very easily and generally has decent durability. However, if you have pets that are allowed to cuddle on the furniture with you, then leather can get scratched by their claws. Not to mention it gets cold to sit on in winter!


Take a look around the rest of the furniture in your lounge room and decide what your overall style is. It could be anything from modern, rustic, vintage, classic or traditional.

If you’re not ready to redecorate the whole place yet, then you need to choose a lounge that suits your existing interior. 

If your home is more rustic but your couch screams modern, it might look a bit strange. A good general rule to remember is the rounder the arm, the more traditional the lounge.

But more importantly, you need to think about what your lounge room is used for! Is it a formal and stylish space for entertaining adult guests or a more casual room for family gatherings and movie nights?

If you love to wind down in front of the TV, then make sure your whole lounge has a good view of the screen. If you’re more of a social household, then create a semi-circle (or even full circle) around a central table.

An L-shape sectional lounge is great for dividing open plan areas like separating the living room from the dining room.

But if you’re after more than just a single lounge, then don’t feel obligated to get the matching set. A more flexible option is to deck your living room out with a main lounge and then add upholstered chairs that complement and give a lot more layout options.

Here’s something else to contemplate if you’re after a lounge that’s seven feet long or less… Try and find one that has a single cushion instead of the standard two or three. It’s much more sophisticated and no one has to sit on the crack!

The lounge is the focal point of any living room. It is where people come together and is usually what you see first when entering the room.

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