We are playing cupid this Valentine’s Day​

We have romantic gifts for every relationship, on every budget, every day!

Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it’s controversial and it often divides opinions. But whether you like it or love it, there is one thing we can agree on… 

How important it is to show the people you love that you treasure and appreciate them!

Whether it’s on the 14th of February, an anniversary or any other day it doesn’t matter, showing a bit of romance never goes amiss.

It doesn’t have to be expensive! After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Even if you want to commit to the biggest romantic gesture of them all (such as a proposal), we have online shopping ideas for every budget and every stage of the relationship!

For Her

Women like to say they are notoriously easy to buy for, but we know it can still be overwhelming! You can either stick to the proven classics or branch out to find a unique gift to really surprise her.

$ - Fashion Jewellery​

Jewellery does not have to cost the earth to be meaningful and appreciated! You just have to choose a piece that’s going to remind her of you every time she wears it.

A ring is a good example, and don’t worry, it doesn’t have to mean engagement! But when she looks down at her hand while working, driving or even reaching for her drink, it will bring her so much joy if there is a shiny gesture of your love perched on her finger.

It’s even better if you pick an item of jewellery that compliments her personality or reminds her of a particular moment in your relationship.

We often have pieces in our weekly fashion jewellery auction, items like star sign necklaces, charm bracelets, lobster pendants (to bring back memories of your first dinner date perhaps?)!

$ - Appliance, Electronics, Sporting and Leisure

This auction isn’t just full of microwaves and BMX bikes!

Believe us when we say there are some hidden treasures to be found at absolute bargain prices!

For example, we have 24 karat gold plated roses in a gorgeous gift box, available either as a single flower or half a dozen bunch. This sure is a unique way to say, “I love you”!

Why spend money on real roses that will eventually wither! Surprise her with golden roses that last forever, like your eternal love for her.

$$ - Affordable Jewellery​

In our weekly Affordable Jewellery auction, you will find gorgeous pieces of jewellery made from 9ct, 14ct and 18ct yellow gold. There are also sterling silver piece which feature semi-precious stones.

This is the perfect way to commemorate anniversaries or birthdays. Pick out a beautiful ring or necklace that features her birthstone or the stone that matches the month of your anniversary!

Bracelets and earrings are great pieces of jewellery for early on in a relationship. So if you don’t want to be too forward or full on, then start with these less intimate but equally impressive items!

$$ - Art

Art is another way to give her something charming and attractive that she can keep forever!

Gillie and Marc are artists that have a particular affinity with love. Often referred to by the media as “the world’s most loving artists”. This married couple create art that features the characters Dogman and Rabbitwoman.

Their art spreads the wonderful message that no matter how different you are, you can be lovers, friends, and companions and get along as one. What a romantic tale to tell to your loved one!

And it doesn’t have to be decoration for the wall! A cute sculpture to sit on her bookshelf or desk at work can hold just as much thought. Or how about you give her flowers in a vase she can treasure long after the flowers have gone!

$$$ - Fine Jewellery and Luxury Jewellery

Want to make the ultimate statement of love and commitment? What better way than to ask for her hand in marriage!

Proposing is no small task, but finding the perfect ring is easy with us! Keep an eye on our Fine Jewellery and Luxury Jewellery auctions. They feature a huge selection of prestige gold and silver rings (not to mention necklaces, bracelets, watches and earrings too).

Keep an eye out for the traditional white diamond rings. Forget though that white diamonds aren’t the only way to do it! Coloured diamonds and precious gemstones are increasing in popularity as engagement rings. Think of Kate Middleton wearing Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring.

Whatever you choose, just know it will be something that she will wear with pride and treasure for the rest of her life!

For Him

It’s no secret that men are hard to buy for! Especially when it comes to tender and loving gifts. But never fear, we have done the hard work for you! We’ve put together some ideas to give you serious roMANtic inspirations!

$ - Spirits and Alcohol

When expressing your passion for him, sometimes it’s better to go for an experience instead of a gift.

A cute date in a quiet spot in the sun or under the stars could be just the ticket! Pack yourself a bottle of your favourite wine, give him a bottle of whiskey and chat the afternoon away.

for perfect quality time on a budget, nothing tops a few snacks, music playing through one of our bluetooth speakers and some great banter!

$$ - Appliance, Electronics, Sporting and Leisure​

Want to get cosy and spend some quality bonding time together? Why not buy him a TV or even a tablet or iPad.

Pick a television series you both enjoy and spend time binge watching it together. Yes, actually watch Netflix and chill out!

Or if lazy Sundays aren’t really his thing then get him something like a camping and hiking survival bracelet so he knows you always want him home safe!

$$ - Super Sunday​

Now we know furniture doesn’t exactly scream “Be my Valentine” but hear us out!

You never know what kind of romantic goodies our Super Sunday auction can provide. For example, we recently had a range of hanging pod chairs that could fit two people.

Get cosy and watch the sunset, snuggled together. Sounds cheesy but trust us, he will love it!

$$$ - Affordable and Fine Jewellery

Something you don’t hear about often is the role reversal of a woman proposing to her boyfriend! Don’t wait for a leap year to make the move… after all, it is 2019 and things are more forward and less traditional than ever!

Our Affordable and Fine Jewellery auctions are great places to find the perfect wedding ring for him!

If popping the question to him seems a bit daunting or you’re just not ready for that step yet, our jewellery auctions are still a great place to browse for a present for him.

They often include stunning men’s watches from brands such as Guess, Longines, Breitling and Omega, to name a few. Looking at his wrist every day will remind him of you, plus you can even get them engraved with a private message on the back!

The origins of Valentine’s Day are still doused in mystery, but most people think it began in Rome in the year 268. Roman Emperor Claudius II believed that unwed young men made better soldiers so the obvious thing to do was to ban marriage.

Saint Valentine offered a solution to this problem. He married young couples in secret, allowing them to be together as their hearts desired. February 14th celebrates Valentine’s rebellion.

Because as we all know, love always wins!

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