We are rocking and rolling as we shake things up with a new monthly event.

Our new monthly Civil, Transport and Machinery auction will change the way you buy and sell!

The 22nd of May 2019 brings the start of a new monthly auction that will make a big impact on the Civil, Transport and Machinery scene and really transform the industry.

It will now be so much easier and more effective to buy and sell equipment than ever before!  

With Australia’s growing population and the ever increasing demand for better infrastructure (particularly in commercial construction), earthmoving equipment is a booming industry.

Roads, highways, buildings and commercial infrastructure work is continuing to grow, as well as urban development such as housing.

These make heavy equipment such as dozers, excavators, graders and rollers essential in order to keep the jobs rolling on!

What is this new major event?

Starting from this month, our online Civil, Transport and Machinery Major Event will be happening on the third Wednesday of every month at 12pm.

It is a multi-vendor auction specialising in a range of equipment across all types of machinery and all industries including earthmoving, civil, agriculture and transport.

This auction will feature everything from very new and modern gear down to well used gear that will cater for both commercial and private buyers.

The lots will be located across the country but think of this auction as an online ‘one-stop shop’ for all your machinery and transport needs, with a focus on yellow gear!

If you’re looking for big machinery such as excavators, loaders, tractors and large trucks, this is the place to be!

Our fortnightly Civil, Transport and Machinery auction in Carrara, QLD on Monday at 10am will still have all the smaller pieces such as commercial mowers, small tractors and smaller passenger vehicles.

How does it change buying?

Purchasing previous models of machinery in auction from those that have upgraded to new equipment, is an effective time and can be a great money saver in the mining, agricultural, civil and construction industries.

This auction is a great platform for vendors with only a handful of items. The idea is to eliminate having multiple small auctions that buyers must find individually, browse through and bid on.

This regular auction makes finding the right gear easier and more efficient for bidders and means you don’t have to check our website daily to find new machinery listings.

You know that you can browse the whole month’s available gear all in one go!

In the description of each lot you will find where the item is located and the direct contact details for the exact right person here at Lloyds to chat to about it if you have any more questions.

We can also recommend preferred carriers that we use to transport your new purchase to wherever you need it!

What about the improved selling process?

If you are looking to sell surplus equipment, there are people out there jumping for the chance to get these high-end machines and gear! Many of our heavy equipment auctions achieve a 100% sell through rate!

This new auction will beneficial for sellers too as it will be easier than ever to list with us and you will know exactly when your gear will go under the hammer.

Vendors can leave even their smaller equipment on site, so they don’t have to pay for transporting costs to one of our Lloyds Auctions sites.

We will travel out to the location of the goods and take photographs and arrange an inspection process that works for you! It could be by taking appointments or by having a dedicated inspection day.

This new platform saves money too! Even if you only have one or two pieces of gear, they will be listed in amongst so many others. The advertising costs for these two bits of gear are spread over one big auction, making the spend more worthwhile and cost effective for all those involved. 

There will certainly still be on site auctions, but they will be used for bigger packages and specialised jobs.

Upgrade or expand your fleet by buying, or make return on gear from a finished project through selling.

Whether you’re working on a farm or in rock and dirt, this new major event is one that you need to be paying attention to!

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Matt Kalinski

Head Of Valuations

Qualifications & Affiliations

American Society of Appraisers Candidate Member

Certified Practicing Valuer AVAA


Matt has been in the valuations space for many years and has extensive experience in the space across an abundance of various industries. He now leads the valuations teams for Lloyds Auctions with a passion for encouraging his team to set and achieve high goals and produce great results for the company whilst growing the team’s skills starting with a great culture and team mindset.