We invite you to barge in on this boat party!

This UNRESERVED 100ft Catamaran Party Cruiser is sailing away to a new owner next week.

We know you like big boats and you cannot lie.

Isn’t it the dream to own a $3 million 100ft launch for only six figures? Well that is entirely possible with this unreserved auction!

This 100ft Catamaran Party Cruiser, named M.V. Matilda, was built in 1986, although has since been refitted. She has the room for up to 300 partiers to boogie the night away and three crew to make it all happen.

Complete with a function room, dancefloor, an outdoor dining deck and built in bars to keep the drinks flowing, this is the ultimate venue with a view.

And what party isn’t complete without food? It’s the best part! This Catamaran has it covered with all the catering facilities you need including display refrigeration, under bench refrigeration, stainless steel benches and a range hood. Even pans, cutlery and crockery!

So, what’s the catch?

But sadly, this cruiser was pulled out of the water in October last year due to significant hull corrosion which was caused by welding that wasn’t done correctly.

What this has done is sped up the corrosion process of the steel hull and caused significant osmosis which has unfortunately resulted in deep pitting.

The vessel would require significant replating, which is basically rewelding more steel on the hull, or replacing the hull from the waterline down.

The reason she needs to have repairs done is because she is solely used for commercial operations and is not fit for operation at the moment. When the corrosion was discovered, the governing body for commercial ships said she was no longer allowed to be registered until repaired… Think of it like a roadworthy for a car!

But generally steel boats age very gracefully and are much easier to maintain. This accelerated osmosis has just been from a simple mistake, so don’t get a fright, we’re just keeping it reel!

Who is going to seas this opportunity?

Well, boat builders should certainly be very interested in this beauty. Someone that could discount their labour to work on repairing the boat would be the ideal candidate for making this nautical investment!

If a boat builder bought her to take on as an extreme project themselves, then there would be some big upsides. Doing her up in their spare time or when their staff in the workshop didn’t have a lot of work on would be a great way to chip away at the task without having to pay through the roof for labour!

Placing this boat in the back of their premises or in a shed where they weren’t paying extreme rent, would be another money saving advantage. This can be the bargain of the century if you can fix her at the right price!

But of course, if you really just want to show off to your friends that you own a 30m party boat and have everyone be jealous of your weekend plans then you can easily have a third party fix up this boat for you!

What can I do with a 100ft Party Boat?

Our resident marine expert, Glenn Screech is excited to see her back in action and believes that the winner will return her to commercial operations and continue her life as a party vessel!

Rumour has it that this boat has seen some absolutely outrageous weddings and she would certainly have some stories to tell! Talk about getting nauti!  😉

This boat has also been a part of celebrations from birthday and Christmas parties, to rowdy hens and bucks’ weekends, to incredible New Year’s Eve events on the iconic Sydney Harbour.

The other option is to have her for private use only, so you aren’t forced to repair the damage. Turn her into a massive liveaboard houseboat, or more like a mansion-boat!

Moored just up-river from Sydney’s stunning harbour, this party boat is still afloat and awaiting her next custodian to provide some TLC and keep the dream alive.

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