We will make you the favourite child this Mother’s Day

We have gorgeous gifts for every mother, every budget, every day!

Mother’s Day can really tug at the heartstrings! Gifts can range from handmade cards and macaroni necklaces to lavish experiences and gifts, but there is one important thing we can all agree on this weekend!

How important it is to show the people who lovingly raised and influenced you, that they are treasured and appreciated!

Whether it’s on the second Sunday of May, her birthday or any other day, it doesn’t matter. Showing a bit of love, care, thoughtfulness and thanks never goes amiss.

Mums love to say they are easy to buy for and they will love anything you choose, but we know it can still be overwhelming!

You can either stick to the proven classics or branch out to find a unique gift to really surprise her.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive! After all, Mum always says it’s the thought that counts, right?

Even if you have a preschooler pulling together their pocket money, or you and your six adult siblings are ready to make this the Mother’s Day of a lifetime, we have awesome ideas for every budget!


Spirits and Alcohol

Mother’s Day is for celebrating! And what better way to celebrate than with bubbles?!

Crack open a bottle of sparkling and treat Mum to a cheeseboard and strawberries. Quality time with the family, chatting the afternoon away makes for the perfect Mother’s Day on a budget!

We have cases of UNRESERVED Cleanskin Sparkling Brut Cuvee up for auction, which are great value for any celebratory occasion!

You definitely won’t be seen as cheap, and Mum will be cheerful!


Unreserved Gemstones and Jewellery

Jewellery is something women can never get enough of and jewellers become very popular in the lead up to Mother’s Day!

But if designing your own unique piece is more your style then make sure you keep an eye out for the loose gems that come through our jewellery auctions.

Create a personalised piece exclusive to your Mum or present her with the gemstone and she can design her own dream piece of wearable art!

Antiques, Coins, Banknotes and Collectables

Genuine antiques don’t ever go out of style, that’s why so many mothers still love vintage pieces like homewares and ornaments.

Our weekly Antiques, Coins, Banknotes and Collectables auction is the opportunity to find rare and distinctive art, fine china, jewellery, vases and more!

If your Mum has an old school style and is looking for high quality articles, then look no further!


Art is another way to give her something that she can keep forever! DIY art is very cute, but only if you’re still a toddler…

But if you’re after something to make major impact and really uplift the home then a work by one of Australia’s top artists could be just the ticket!

And it doesn’t have to be a painting for the wall! A cute sculpture to sit on her bookshelf or desk at work can hold just as much thought.

Or how about you give her flowers in a vase that she can treasure long after the flowers have gone?!


Mother’s Day Jewellery

High end jewellery can be the ultimate treat this weekend. It is something Mum can wear every day and it will always remind her of how much she is loved when she sees it.

Our Mother’s Day online auction is filled with over 90 pieces of stunning jewellery, suitable for all styles, tastes and even a range of budgets.

From a sterling silver set to a 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond ring, from simple and classic to dramatic and eye catching, this collection is a must-see!

Whatever you choose, just know it will be something that she will wear with pride and treasure forever!

The modern Mother’s Day was brought to Australia in 1924 and we have been remembering the second Sunday in May ever since.

It is a day that brings together family and is a day of celebration of all the care and love mothers of all backgrounds bring into our lives!

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