What did the carpet say to the floor? I’ve got you covered.

Why every home needs a new rug and a new lounge before the end of the year!

Redecorating your lounge room is a sure-fire way to make a huge difference to the atmosphere and style of your entire home.

But it’s also up there with the most expensive…But think of it more as an investment! Everything in your house revolves around it.

Your lounge room is often the gathering point for the whole family, and where quality time and relaxation take place.

But the easiest way to jazz up your space is a great rug and a new couch, just in time for Christmas!


Rugs and lounges are both so versatile and a great way to transform a room, even multiple times a year!

You can move them around the room, to different rooms and even take them with you when you move.

Simply roll out a rug for the cooler months where you need something warm and cosy underfoot and then store it away in the summer to enjoy the cool, wooden floors or tiles.

Throw pillows and blankets are perfect if you love changing your décor colour frequently, allowing you to mix it up with the season or whenever you like.

Changing the mood of your room can be as easy as swapping between two rugs or two sets of cushions.


Take a look around the rest of the furniture in your lounge room and decide what your overall style is. It could be anything from modern, rustic, vintage, classic or traditional.

If you’re not ready to redecorate the whole place yet, then you need to choose a lounge and a rug that suits your existing interior.

A bright coloured rug can make a bold statement. While a neutral or traditional patterned rug may serve as the perfect complement to a room.

Opt for a patterned rug if you have young children or pets as it tends to not show every speck of dirt!

Or throw a light-coloured rug over a dark carpet to help brighten the look and feel of your lounge room.

If there are dark walls too, add a neutral, light coloured lounge and jazz it up with coloured cushions, throw rugs and surrounding accessories.

These little pops of colour give your living room that pulled-together look.


Not only can a rug or a new couch change the whole look of a room, it can also have a range of practical benefits.

A rug can warm your home or reduce the noise of little feet running the halls at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning.

They are also ideal for reducing slips and falls as they provide extra grip and are more cushioning if falls do happen. They provide safety protection for the whole family, but especially for toddlers and elderly family members.

Don’t re-do all the floors in your house, if you have a cracked tile or stained carpet, simply throw a gorgeous rug over it.

When it comes to lounges it is important that everyone is able to sit down together at the same time, as lifestyle is just as important as looks.

If you often have people to stay overnight and don’t have a spare bedroom, sofa beds could be the answer to your prayers.

You would never know it was there, until you whip off the cushions and pop up a bed with nearly no effort!

The lounge room is the focal point of any home. It is where people come together and is usually what you see first when entering the house.

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This is your chance to make your house the cosy, gorgeous home you have always dreamed of!

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