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Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the sport of the moment and why you should get amongst it.

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Just take a look at Currumbin Creek, here on the gorgeous Gold Coast, during a summer weekend and you will see why Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is now considered the world’s fastest growing water sport.

The sport is a cross between surfing, punting and canoeing… You take a big surfboard look-a-like onto the water, stand up on it, and then use an oar to row yourself along.

Take a ride with us as we explore why Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the coolest thing to get into this Spring.

Easy to Learn

People often liken trying to learn to SUP to learning to surf. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Surfing can take hours and hours of practice across weeks, often months, to get any good. But Stand Up Paddling can easily be learned in under an hour!

Because SUPs are so big, the balance is so much better than that of a surfboard. They’re much more like a boat, than a surfboard.

They can also be used at a variety of levels. If you’re a nervous beginner, start out on your knees as your balance will be much better.

If you’re more of an extreme athlete, you can take it to a highly competitive and aggressive sport with fierce racing and surfing competitions.

Kids and adults of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities can give it a try and be enjoying their time on the water very quickly. It’s even a great activity for a first date!

A Sport for Everyone!

You do not need to be an exceptional and fit athlete in order to be able to SUP! Because it’s so easy to learn and easy to take it nice and slow, just about everyone can enjoy the sport.

If you start on flat, quiet water it can be easy, low impact, and most importantly, fun and relaxing! Grab a few friends and head on down to the nearest creek or lake and cruise along the water, enjoying the view and chatting the whole way.
Even kids of all ages can give it a good go, whether it’s sitting on the front of a SUP while an adult does all the hard paddling work or having a SUP on their own!

The best thing about this activity is that it provides a low impact, light cardio workout with incredible strength benefits for the core, back, arms and legs.

And while you can get some Vitamin D and a tan while you’re at it! Being out on the water in the fresh air while getting some light exercise is very calming.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding can be as hard or as easy as you like by choosing what kind of water to do it on.
Many people are looking for new ways to have fun with the entire family or with a good group of friends and going for a SUP is the perfect solution!

Can be done anywhere!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding doesn’t just need to be done on calm, flat pond water. It also doesn’t have to be scheduled around big rolling surf and tides.

Anytime you feel like it, you can be out on the water on a SUP. You don’t have to live near the beach, alongside a river or a beautiful lake, as long as you have an accessible body of water.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding goes well beyond the coast lines to lakes, lagoons, bays, rivers, waterways, bayous, streams, ponds, and even pools.

Across a lot of Australia, people will be able to drive to a SUP location within a relatively short period of time. Plus, there are plenty of stunning locations across the world that attract Stand Up Paddle Boarders… and for good reason!

While some Stand Up Paddle Boarders head out into the waves, most people make a beeline for the calm water, where you don’t have to struggle very hard to keep your balance or keep an eye on the incoming waves.

Some people love to take everything to the extreme, so of course you can white water SUP down raging rapids. If you’re the competitive sort, get involved in SUP racing or if you want something different, try SUP yoga!

We give you some quick and easy hints for making the most of your SUP

  • Choose a small, calm body of water, like a lake or pond, that’s free of lots of obstacles like boats and buoys for a chilled afternoon out with family and friends

  • Look for a good access point to the water where you can wade into the water to easily get onto your SUP

  • The wind can make it so much more difficult… or easier! Depending on what direction you go in 😉

  • If your route does require that you paddle into the wind, do so on your way out so you can get a boost from the wind on the way back when you’re getting tired

  • Go with a friend so you can keep an eye on each other and take photos of each other

  • Plan to go paddling for at least one hour to really get into it!

There are more and more boards on the market to choose from and even inflatable SUPs for those who want convenience and easy portability.

Keep an eye out for our $350K Surf Shop Insurance Claim auction that features over 200 brand new surf related items from trusted business, Balmoral Boards, in NSW. There is over $350k worth of Stand Up Paddle Boards, surfboards, wakeboards and kitesurfing gear and more!

Part of an insurance claim for smoke damage, all these items need is a quick wipe down and they will be right as rain! 

The Gold Coast is certainly a hot spot to surf and SUP and that’s why we are so excited to see these boards fly out the door and go on adventures with their new owners!

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