Why classic cars are better

If you asked anyone why classic cars are better, they would likely say “they just don’t make them like they used to”.  It seems like everyone is always chasing something newer, more technologically advanced and yet, somehow, more disposable. We trade in our mobile phone for the latest version almost as often as we change our underwear – well, probably not all that far off the mark! You see, that’s where the great appeal of classic cars lies: they transcend the disposable. There are also a host of other reasons why classic cars are such a great idea. Here are the ‘three Cs’ of classic cars:


Classic cars are far and away the better investment over a new vehicle. A common myth is that you must be rich to own a classic car – but nothing could be further from the truth… With a little searching, quality classic cars can be found under the $20,000 price point. So, what are some hot vehicles readily available on the market in 2016/2017? Keep an eye out for the Chevrolet El Camino, Ford F-100, Pontiac Firebird and Volvo 122.

Did you know that a brand-new car loses up to 11 percent of its value literally the minute you drive it off the lot? Conversely, the value of a classic car appreciates the longer you own it. Referred to as ‘passion investing’ transactional attorneys who specialise in luxury asset investment funds are now looking at classic cars as an asset class rather than simply as ‘collectibles’. A savvy investment typically experiences an overall value increase of over 100 percent in under a mere three-year period (source: cnbc.com). When it comes to classic cars there’s so much potential to cash in.


One of the biggest factors that makes a classic car so desirable is the design of the vehicle itself. There is nothing quite like the exquisite shape and charm of true vintage beauty. With that line you’d think we were talking about Marilyn Monroe or some other buxom bombshell straight from cinematic yesteryear.  And, in a lot of ways this is the perfect analogy for the innate appeal of classic cars. Just like a starlet from Old Hollywood, a sweet classic ride is luscious, timeless and has a ton of history.

Craftsmanship is a given. That’s the reason, after all, why classic cars are still operating today. They were made specifically to withstand the passage of time. Unlike modern vehicles they weren’t assembled by machines in a rapid fashion. Rather, they were painstakingly made by hand using simple tools. And, because they weren’t mass produced that makes them exclusive: the longer you keep them the more they are worth.


Classic cars have heart. They are much more than just a way to get from A to B. They are both relics and works of art. For some people, they are like old friends – they hold so many memories of a time gone by – of glory days. Restoring a classic car can be a very rewarding endeavour. You get to breathe back life into your very own piece of history.  And driving a classic car is an authentic experience. Without all the modern electronic mechanisms, you are completely at one with the car.

Owning a classic car opens your world. You become a part of the rich culture that surrounds a collective of people who have great appreciation and passion for vintage collectables. You suddenly find yourself enjoying road trips, friendships and events like classic car shows or meet ups. It’s an entire lifestyle: it’s classic car culture!

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