Why is a spa pool a far better option than a swimming pool?

Have a splashing good time this summer in a luxury spa

The ultimate combination of fitness, fun, comfort, and relaxation all year round, luxury spa baths tick all the boxes!

Feel the serenity with a luxury spa for up to 8 people or get the best of both worlds and incorporate fitness into your life with a swim spa!

Even if you claim you “don’t have the space” and must stick it on the driveway, a spa pool is one purchase you will not regret!

Thinking of getting a swimming pool for the summer? Let us tell you why a spa pool (especially a swim spa) is the far better, and much more affordable, option!

Change the temperature at the flick of a switch

Use your spa all year round by adjusting the temperature of the water to suit the season! Nice and toasty warm in the winter and for the hotter months, take it down to a more refreshing and comfortable temperature.

Swim spas can also be made hot or cold, making them ideal in replace of a swimming pool AND a traditional hot tub. The best part is you are in control of when and how you use your spa. You don’t have to go to the public pools at a particular time, this is in your very own backyard!

Spa baths are completely portable

Why invest in a swimming pool when you must leave it behind when you move to a new house? While a spa bath or swim spa are still investments, they can come with you wherever you go and add value to your new home! Spas can be installed either in-ground, freestanding above ground, or on a deck.

They can be easily craned onto your property if need be and the total install process only takes a few hours.

Forget the messy, noisy, month-long construction process that comes with full-size swimming pools!

Spas can fit in almost any yard

A spa pool is much smaller than a regular swimming pool, meaning you don’t need a huge property to afford this luxury! As backyards increasingly grow smaller, a rectangle swim spa has become the perfect solution.

If two people are all you need to fit, then there is the ideal spa for the romantic evening escape. Even if you have a big family, there are spas to fit eight people at once. You can find the perfect sized and shaped jacuzzi for your space!

The source of all year-round entertainment

A lot of us adults can admit that a swimming pool (even in the height of summer) is not exactly a good time. A hot tub, however, sounds relaxing and enjoyable no matter the weather!

Socialise with your friends and family in the evening and swap stories while sharing a few drinks. You can even keep the kids entertained while still at home. Even if it is just you and your other half catching up after a long day and relaxing, a spa pool will get used all year long.

You can’t beat the therapeutic effects of a spa

Simply relaxing in heated water and being massaged by jet motion has been reported to help with a variety of ailments from insomnia and stress to arthritis.

Whether you are heading home after a long day at work, playing sports or just need some personal time to yourself, a spa pool is the way to unwind and rest. A cold swimming pool really isn’t the same.

Plus, you don’t have to book in anywhere, pay spa retreat costs, or even leave your house… it’s all right there in your own home!

Exercise is better in a swim spa

Upgrade your spa pool to a swim spa and you can enjoy the benefits of a good soak and fitness all year long.

A swim spa is a large spa bath that doubles as a swimming pool as you can swim against the jets. No stopping at the end and turning around only to hit the other end of the pool after three strokes! In a swim spa you can swim freely and uninterrupted for as long as you like. Then simply sit back and relax your muscles like in a regular hot tub. It really is the best of both worlds!

Swimming and water workouts are ideal for those who struggle with exercise as it takes the pressure off your bones and joints and supports your body more. Water also provides a greater resistance than air so you with each movement, you are getting more bang for your buck!

A luxury spa bath is not as expensive as you think

Outdoor spa bath prices are much cheaper than a swimming pool, along with being far easier to install.

Not only do they need much less water, but a spa is also much lower maintenance than a pool, especially if you invest in a cover to keep the warmth in and dirt out.

With swim spa prices so affordable and spa running costs so low, you’ll be planning outdoor parties, play dates and training sessions in no time.

A luxury spa bath is not completely out of reach… keep an eye out for our Unreserved Luxury Spa Bath Auctions for your chance to bid on a range of brand new swim spas and spa baths and possibly take one home for an unbelievable price.

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