3000 m2 of Peri Skydeck Light Weight Pan System



By Appointment Only

Stephen Strelitz on 0417 679 955 or steve@lloydsauctions.com.au

To be offered in lots of 1000m2, 2000m2 or the entire 3000m2

  • The proven aluminium panel formwork system
  • 1 prop per 3.5 m2 formed, easily achieve 10m2 per man hour form and strip
  • Strip 2 days after pour, undisturbed back propping
  • Powder coating makes easily to clean, does not leak like some other systems
  • Including 4 packs of new peri pan ply, not opened
  • 30% pans newly re-sheeted 
  • This includes MP 350 props – light weight self-cleaning threads, continuous thread for full adjustment, setting adjusting nut quick release, 70 KN load rating. These props can be adjusted from 1950 to 3500mm. The best prop on the market
  • Power coated
  • All including universal tripods, self locking couplers, stillage’s, MRK bracing frames, adjusting nut spanners, main beam 375, 225, 150, cover strips, drop heads SFK, prop heads SSK combined

This packages has everything you would ever need, anything OneForm group needed they purchased, so this package includes ever little thing you may need one day need included.

Has been well looked after, Peri Aust has re-sheeted some of these pans, OneForm has sheeted some with Peri panel ply.

OneForm group also has extra MP 480 props and extra MP 350 and leader aluminium prop which interchange with Peri props, they have the same rating.