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Cheap or Exquisite! Lloyds Auctions offer unreserved bargains and vintage wine auctions online. Choose your favourite wine from our 4 distinct categories; Cheap drops, Value branded wine, Quality winery labels, or Scarce & collectible vintages.

Wine types in our range often include a selection of red and white wines, sparkling and non-sparkling, rose, dessert, fortified or bubbles.

Whether you’re looking to discover a perfect Barossa Sauvignon Blanc, Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon, or a Hunter Valley Chardonnay, Lloyds Wine won’t be beaten on value.

If you are looking to buy wine online you have come to the right place. Lloyds online wine auctions source wines suitable for any budget or taste. Regular auctions are perfect for buying wine online at a great price and in bulk – or even find some rare and exquisite vintages.

We carefully categorise our selection to ensure you can find what you are looking for – quickly and easily. So, which wine auction selection suits you?

The Buck-Aneer

Cheap and cheerful are the words that sum up ‘The Buck-Aneer’ wine auctions online. You can buy wine from just a few dollars a bottle in completely unreserved auctions. You can easily buy cases in bulk and at the most amazing price. It’s the perfect option for when you are looking to throw a party – or, just to stock your pantry. You can take home a few dozen bottles for significantly less than it would cost retail.

‘The Buck-Aneer’ selection offers wine at insane prices across all the common varietals and blends. From reds to whites to anything in-between – it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a Sauvignon Semillon Blanc, a Shiraz or a Sparkling Rose – you can always buy cheap wine from our daily wine sales. Check out ‘The Buck-Aneer’ for the biggest bargains in wine auctions Australia.

The Sherlock

Premium wine available at wholesale prices – that’s the name of the game when it comes to ‘The Sherlock’ wine auction category. These selections are thoroughly curated and tasted to ensure premium quality. And, with low reserves this is the perfect place to shop when you’re looking for something a little bit special.

‘The Sherlock’ selection is suitable for those that appreciate a good drop from well-known regions. You will stumble across all sorts of interesting vintage varietals and blends, from a buttery Chardonnay, to a crisp Riesling, to a robust Cabernet Sauvignon. These auctions are a great choice for those who appreciate premium wine but are savvy enough to know that they needn’t pay top dollar.

The High Roller

If you thoroughly enjoy the good life then you will want to take a look at ‘The High Roller’ selection. Elegant varietals from respected brands are sure to impress. This auction segment is perfect for the buyer searching for vintage and pedigree wines.

Our wines are sure to entice true aficionados. You may be tempted by a Zinfadel grown in California, a Cabernet Franc grown in Bordeaux or a Pinot Noir from Austria. Whatever wine you are looking for, you can easily bid on an entire case at a price much lower than you might expect. They are sure to be a great talking point at your next dinner party.

The Enthusiast

‘The Enthusiast’ is our high-end auction specifically designed with the collector in mind. The selections feature incredibly rare bottles of wine or other collectible spirits suitable for those looking to add another prize acquisition to their cellar. There might be only one or two of these wines left in production in the world, but you are sure to find them in ‘The Enthusiast’ auction.

It might be a drop of rare Burgundy, it may be Champagne in scarce supply – or, perhaps an entire collection that took several years for the seller to accumulate. Whatever rare wine or spirits you are searching for, it may just pop up in our online auction, ‘The Enthusiast’ – a segment devoted to the most discerning of wine connoisseurs.

If you’re looking to buy wine online Australia wide, then the Lloyds Auctions wine sales are well worth a look!