Your personal information, collected at our places of business (including this website), is regarded as valuable.  Lloyds behaves ethically and thoughtfully when dealing with your personal information. 
As a part of the customer registration process you are required to acknowledge acceptance with this; our Privacy Statement. 

1. Why we require information?
Placing a bid on an auction is making an offer in contract.  For this purpose we are required to be able to identify you by you name and address.  We also require your email address and phone number so we can communicate any changes to the conditions of sale, changes in the details of items you have bid on and communicate with you when you have been outbid or your bid has been successful.  Lloyds also retains your purchasing history and enables you to provide information about your purchasing preferences, this information is used to enable us to provide useful promotional material about items you have expressed interest in, and avoid sending you promotional material needlessly.

2. How and What information is collected? 
The information is collected in 2 ways.
a)  During the registration process you are required to provide personal information: Name, Address, Email Address, Password & a Phone Number.  After registration you can edit and enhance this information by providing your Date of Birth, Delivery Address and buying preferences.
b) In addition, the Lloyds database automatically stores information relating to your purchasing (and sales) history.

3. We keep your personal details safe? 
We use SSL encrypted transmission of the data you provide.

4. What do we do with your information?
Contact information is used primarily to enable us to communicate with you. 
Demographic data, such as your date of birth, bidding and purchase history are used to target the web site content and promotional material to you. You are able at any time to opt out of any promotional material that we send regarding all upcoming auctions.

5. Do we share your information with anyone else? 
Your Name & Contact Details:
a) When you request we arrange transport on your behalf the information required to complete the consignment form is provided to the transport company.
b)  Where required by law your personal identifying information will be provided to the appropriate authorities when a legitimate request has been made.

Your demographic data, preferences and buying history:
a) Where required by law your personal identifying information will be provided to the appropriate authorities when a legitimate request has been made.

6. How do we keep your information secure? 
Your password has a one way encryption so not even we are able to see it.  It is your responsibility to always keep it safe and not to share it with anyone.
Your personal information is kept on a secure server.  
We do not retain any Credit Card information.

7. Keeping your data up-to-date…
It is important to keep your personal contact information up-to-date.  You can, at any time, log-in, and update your details in the My Account > My Details section of the web site.  This includes maintain a current contact number, email address and delivery address to ensure you receive outbid notices, are notified of purchases and purchases are correctly delivered.  We also recommend regularly revisiting and updating your preferences so you do not received unwanted communications from us.

Due to technical, legal and accounting requirements, your personal information will be retained in order for us to fulfil our legal responsibilities.
In order to maintain the relationship we have established with you it is in our interest to provide you the best service we can.  To this end we will make all endeavours to protect your personal information and data. 
We may, from time to time, be required by law, industry standard or company policy to update and amend our Privacy Statement.  These changes with take effect from the time of publication of this Privacy Statement, so we suggest you re-acquaint yourself with it on an annual basis.

Date of last revision: 3rd March 2014