Jeff Thomson


World's Fastest Bowler

limited edition

Jeff 'thommo' thomson

"Burning Balls"


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This is the one and only authentic memorabilia that ‘Thommo’ has and ever will release.

A limited-edition framed cricket bat and ball titled ‘Burning Balls’ celebrating the 255 international wickets that World’s Fastest Bowler Jeff Thomson took. Each set is an original and authentic memorabilia piece personally signed by Jeff Thomson.

Burning Balls consists of a wooden cabinet framing an aged cricket bat. Inscribed on the bat are iconic milestones celebrating Jeff’s magnificent career including his test debut and final test as well as his matches, runs and wickets.

A personally signed cricket ball and certificate of authenticity along with a limited-edition plaque finishes off the collectable set.

This memorable opportunity is a perfect gift idea for any sports room, board room, office or man cave.

Jeff Thomson’s one-off limited-edition memorabilia set is available to you for only $995 for a limited time only until sold out.

world's fastest bowler



Matches Played

101 (51 test and 50 ODI)

Wickets Taken

255 (200 test and 55 ODI)

Best Bowling

Test - 6/46 ODI - 4/67

Jeff Thomson Story

Jeff Thomson

"fastest they have ever seen"

Jeff Thomson also known as ‘Thommo’ was born in August 1950 in Greenacre, Sydney and is the fastest bowler of all time.

He debuted his career for Australia against Pakistan in 1972 at the age of just 22. He soon became renowned as one of the fastest bowlers ever to play cricket. In 1975 he was timed using high-speed cameras achieving 160.58km/hr. Several cricketers of Thomson’s era claimed that he in fact bowled at speeds over 180km/hr.

Batters all over the world feared his extremely fast pace in a day when protective gear in the sport had not yet been established.
Thommo ended his professional career in the year of 1985 in a last test match against England.

In January 2016 Jeff Thomson became one of just 43 players in the history of Australian cricket to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“I am proud to present to you my signed series framed cricket bat and ball, with each set being individually numbered and signed.”

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