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Bushfire Relief Auctions

Current Bushfire Relief Appeal Auctions

Including Jeff “Thommo” Thomson Baggy Green Cap

Australians Unite for Fire-fighters in Multi-million Dollar Bushfire Appeal Auctions

As unprecedented bushfires tear through Australia, we want to help as many fire-affected lives as possible. Don’t watch in horror and wish you could help – Lloyds and our partners are running a series of online bushfire appeal auctions with ALL PROCEEDS GOING DIRECTLY to fire affected communities, fire-fighters and volunteers.


If you are in a position to donate an item or experience that people can bid on to raise vital funds, or even shout out and promote our Bushfire Appeal Auctions we would be most grateful for your contribution.

We are just good people helping good people.

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    We are astounded with the amount of support from the public, companies and celebrities donating items to support fellow Australians in need. We would love to say thank you to all those contributing efforts towards raising funds for the Bushfire Relief Auctions. 

    We are privileged to be able to offer our platform and assist in bringing awareness to this desperately needed fundraising. We appreciate the support from our partners in helping us do so.