Lloyds Auctioneers has the appropriate experience when you require the valuation of plant and equipment.

Whatever your purpose, whether you are Government, Corporate, a Financier or an individual, we can provide you with more than adequate reports to reflect an accurate status of your assets.

At Lloyds, we have a complete solution to your requirements.  If you require an inventory, an inspection or advice on how to maximise the return on your assets – we can assist you.

Our team of Valuers & Appraisers have a combined industry knowledge of over 140 years.  Each member of the team comes from a different background with a rich history in various asset types.

The services we offer you include:

  • Insurance Valuations – to ensure that you are insured for the right amount;
  • Financial Reporting Valuations – giving confidence that stakeholders will receive an accurate report of your asset position;
  • Mortgage Security Valuations – your bank or financier will have security with an understanding of risk profile;
  • Merger & Acquisition Valuations – you will have a clear picture of the market acquisition value;
  • Disposal Valuations – whether it’s a Liquidation, an auction or a forced sale, we can assist you to determine the anticipated result;
  • Asset Registers – we can build or update an Asset Register for you;
  • Tax Consolidation Valuations – you need to maximize your Tax reporting position;
  • Purchase Price Allocation – ensure that your Capital Expenditure is appropriately captured
  • Plant Assessments – For Occupational Health & Safety

The industry sectors where we offer these services include:

> Aviation> Processing
> Agriculture> Marine
> Construction> Retail
> Earthmoving> Logistics
> Transport> Government
> Infrastructure> Tourism
> Forestry> Wholesale
> Cranes> Textiles
> Hospitality> Technology
> Medical> Mining
> Manufacturing 

Who Utilises Our Services?

Our clients include:

> Accountants> Financiers
> Banks> Insurance Providers
> Business Brokers> Insolvency Practitioners
> CEO’s> Joint Venture Partners
> CFO’s> Lawyers
> Company Owners> Liquidators
> Courts (Expert Witness)> Loss Adjusters
> Family Law Meditators> Sole Traders

Our Valuation & Appraisal Reports are accepted on bank & financier panels across Australia.

Where To From Here?

You can contact our Valuations Team on 1300 845 521 or