Buying the latest computers, TVs phones and gadgets can sometimes come with a hefty price tag that might place these goods slightly out of your reach. Whether your child wants a Nintendo 3DS or your significant other is after a new MacBook Air (or, perhaps you’ve smashed your Apple IPhone and require a replacement), the cost for new electronics can add up. And, this can happen all at once.

What’s a viable solution? Buying new or used electronics from reliable, reputable sources (such as at major auction houses) can have you sorted with electronic gear that will get you and your family back up to speed quickly, and without the stress of a massive upfront cost.


Buying a factory seconds or second-hand computer can be a wise choice. However, you must always employ common sense. Most computers for sale at auction are a result of liquidations, are ex-government stock, ex-lease, or are surplus stock that the wholesaler needs to sell fast. This means that as a buyer at auction you stand to benefit from a considerable saving.

Some items might be ‘scratch and dent’ stock. This means that you can snap up a computer that has a few physical flaws but still works perfectly. Sometimes, superseded stock is sold at auction. This means that the buyer scores an item still in the packaging that is a slightly later model than what is available in-store, but still does the job very well.

Auction houses generally test the computers that they sell. They also wipe hard drives. Make sure you are aware of any faults before purchasing. Also, check for a charger cord – this is to avoid the additional expense of purchasing one. Research the market price of make and model of the computer you are looking at to get an idea of what is reasonable as your ball-park figure whilst bidding.


Bigger always seems better when it comes to TVs. So, if you are looking at buying a TV there is an opportunity to save if you are willing to compromise on size. New LCD TVs are produced often because the demand for up-to-the-minute models is great.

This means that truckloads of superseded, overstocked TVs direct from the retailer are regularly available at auction. Brand new, packaged goods are available to you at a fraction of the regular cost. Customer returns are another example of stock available at auction. This may be due to change-of-mind purchases.

Always do your research when buying a second-hand TV. If the item/s require repairs make sure you are equipped to deliver this. Always check if there are any faults and what they are likely to be. Also, check the market so you have a good understanding of the correct price to bid at.

Phones and Gadgets

Buying phones and gadgets at auction can be surprisingly cheap.  This is, once again, often due to the fact that technology moves incredibly fast. Quality goods become available at auction due to overflowing stock and the need for retailers to recoup profits. Also, mobile phones and all sorts of tech products are sold as a result of police seizures.

Buying a phone or a gadget at auction can result in a massive saving. Also, you are more likely to be able to own the item outright, avoiding plans and hidden costs. This means that you aren’t tied to a network and that you don’t have a debt. You can also replace a broken phone without having to pay for expensive repairs. Electronic hobby items like drones are big bargains. As technology advances in leaps and bounds, surplus stock means that you can potentially score a very sweet deal indeed.

If you are buying a mobile phone make sure you find out if it is unlocked. Most phones at auction will be wiped and unsecured to a network. Look for reputable auction houses that test their electronic stock. This goes along way in avoiding items that malfunction. As always do your research to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.

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Matt has been in the valuations space for many years and has extensive experience in the space across an abundance of various industries. He now leads the valuations teams for Lloyds Auctions with a passion for encouraging his team to set and achieve high goals and produce great results for the company whilst growing the team’s skills starting with a great culture and team mindset.