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EX Military Army Tanks are Set to Fire Under The Hammer

When Tim was just 6 years old, he was given a little remote-control toy tank from his parents.

Fast forward a few decades, he now owns 25 full sized military tanks, and is auctioning off four of his beloved machines, alongside some other special military vehicles.

These vehicles are extremely unique, and represent a timepiece in history, each having a special story of their own to tell.


The Centurion MK 5 

The Centurion MK 5 was Tim’s first tank, which served in the Vietnam war, and comes with many historical stories of where it served, what it did, and who served on it. These documents will all be handed over to the new owner.

The Centurion MK 7 bridge layer

The Centurion MK 7 bridge layer is another tank that also served in Vietnam and is the only tank of its kind left in the world that is completely running and operational.

It has a 16-meter bridge that lays on top of the tank and can deploy in 2.5 minutes.

The bridge itself can carry 80 tonnes when deployed, and other vehicles can also drive over the top of it.

When the centurion served in Vietnam, it was one of two tanks that went over from Australia on behalf of the Australian Army.

It was highly regarded as one of the best vehicles, because you could get from A to B very quickly.




Tim is hopeful that the next custodians will maintain and look after the vehicles with the respect and care they deserve.

Each vehicle that is up for auction has its own serial number and ARN that is stamped and positioned around the vehicle.

The war memorial has records of all military vehicles, and the ARN’s stamped on them have remained the same for the life of each tank.

Tim hopes that these machines will be enjoyed by the next custodians, and that they will simply have fun with them.

For more information, you can view the tanks online at Lloyds Auctions.

These tanks will go under the hammer on Wednesday 16th June 2021 at 7:00pm.

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