Penny Drops as People Check Coin Jars

Not one, not two, but six 1930s Australian pennies have come to auction following one being sold unreserved last month breaking an Australian record selling for $60,000 in an online auction.

“Following the news of the penny breaking a record at Lloyds Auctions, people were flooding our phones in hopes they had one of these rare pennies, and from this we have now seen six more come to auction,” said Mr. Lee Hames, Chief Operations Officer for Lloyds Auctions.

“We had customers going through their draws following the news on the last penny sale and to the surprise of some custodians they found their own 1930s penny which we now have up for auction,” said Mr. Hames.

The six 1930s pennies going to auction this Sunday are expected to achieve far into a six figure sum collectively, with one being unreserved.

“Two of the pennies have a grading of very fine, that being better than the penny we sold last month, so we could possibly see these two pennies break another record,” said Mr. Hames.

“The market for pennies and numismatics is really strong at the moment and people don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make the best of it” continued Mr. Hames.

These pennies are the lowest mintage pre-decimal Australian coins in existence with only 1500 being in circulation.

“Our numismatic auctions have filled up until January with the pennies generating an influx in interest among the Australian community and many collectables coming forward to Lloyds Auctions, we’re encouraging the community wanting to sell their old or valued treasured to get in now,” commented Mr. Hames.  

Also, on offer in the fine art and luxury numismatics auction is a 1925 Australian One Penny.

This is the second rarest penny following the 1930s ones and is very high in grade.

There is also a 1923 Australian Half Penny. This was an error coin and is Australia’s rarest half penny.

The six 1930s pennies will go under the hammer this Sunday 6th November from 7:00pm.

You can view the entire auction here or visit for more information.

The 1930s pennies have come in from all states and are currently located in QLD, VIC, WA and SA. The half pennies are located in NSW.

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